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Revised set for Insiders!


Or different studio? Vic news wasn’t from Southbank last night.


Well there’s a big new newswall that I haven’t seen in any ABC studio before.


I think they have upgraded the Melbourne set with a new screen, perhaps that’s why the news was from Perth last night.

HD too!!


Interview space/screen has changed too.


Just has a bit of a temporary look to it, maybe they need to nail the angles better and frame that screen if it’s permanent.


Was it previously in HD?


I believe this is the first time it has ever been broadcast in HD.


Followed by a news update rather than straight into Offsiders.


yes, is this a first for a news update between Insiders and Offsiders?


I think so. When they’ve done an OB or last time they were upgrading Southbank and both came from Ripponlea there were a few promos between but not news.

This looks like the new normal.


The old crap screen is back. Sigh.


And back to up-scaled HD today.


So where was last week coming from and why?


Not much to discuss this week :smile:


Sunday 9 December -

Final episode for 2018.