I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


Lauren just said on Kids WB that Shane is on “extended holidays”. So he is indeed returning to Nine.


poor shane imagine getting the guys age wrong wonder if the rest of camp will let him forget or not lol


Which guy?


Yes, he lost the lunchbox that is golden, it is the golden lunchbox!


Chris Brown


Try Ranger Raymond


Oh sorry. Raymond Brown


This. Yvie for the win.


i agree yvie for the win and i know whole hardly where shes coming from


God I love her.


Anyone else find it contrived all these emotional stories are coming out now?


They’ve been happening throughout the series.


Not at all considering nearly every episode this season has had someone sharing an emotional or personal story. In fact, IIRC, every celeb has now shared an emotional experience. It is actually a huge factor in why this season has been the best.


Julia mentioned that Sandra Sully is on tonight’s show.


Of course she is.


I actually found this entire thing so over the top. The way that she was saying they were “celebrating weight loss” was making it something that it wasn’t. If she didn’t want to reveal her weight to anyone then she should have had this discussion already with the producers or done it off camera. I think she’ knows being that dramatic will equate to votes.

Still no surprises in the votes - the 6 remaining were the ones I would have picked there a couple of weeks ago. Now I have no idea what is going to happen though. Maybe Angie or Richard might be next? I would love to see Angie and Yvie split up.


I agree with what you said. I was going to comment about this but was afraid to sound like a troll as I appreciate that it is a delicate and sensitive issue.

On the other hand, Shane’s story about his Dad was heartbreaking.


I can see why she did what she did. But obviously it’s not going to be an issue for everyone as some people haven’t been through what she has. If she feels like she can help someone by doing what she did good on her. I was glad the others didn’t feel like they had to follow the same protest though.


Well the question is did they weigh her before going in? That would have been an indication there would be a comparison later on? She should take this as a learning lesson that eating beans and rice everyday makes you lose weight?


But she doesn’t have an issue with her weight so why should she