I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


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It will be interesting to see who goes on the show this season. And I wonder how accurate the media will be in guessing the people to take part on it through Ten dropping hints on the promos this time around. Either way, let’s hope it’s a good mixture of contestants that keeps the interest going through the entire season.

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How accurate will the media be in guessing the contestants? Not very is my guess! :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Bachelor/Bachelorette reject, a Real Housewife of Melbourne or some other ex-reality contestant(s) on this show. Of course, A Grade celebrities wouldn’t be caught dead on this show.

Aside from that, would I be right by presuming that this show will most likely run for the first six weeks of the ratings season before the two week Easter break around mid-March?


Didn’t do anything for me first time. I hope they do get some better celebrities this time around.


I am predicting it will start the day after the BBL Final and concluding on March 6.


Yeah, you’re probably right. They got most of them wrong last season didn’t they…I’m still waiting for Bert & Patti Newton to take part! :yum: And of course A Grade celebs wouldn’t be caught dead on this! That’s kinda the point. :wink:

I would personally like to see Akmal Saleh ‘go into the jungle’ (as one of the ones the Herald Sun has added to their list last week) as he would add a bit to the show. I really hope Mark Waugh doesn’t take part…boring! Also, I wonder who the AFL legend is?

Most likely. Pretty sure the new season will virtually start at the conclusion of the BBL.


Just arrived in Perth today for a short stay. And on my way to the hotel I saw a poster on a bus which says season 2 will premiere on February 1 and will air from Sundays to Thursdays. I am not sure if the ad is from last year and Transperth did not bother to pull it down, but if it is true then season 2 should go head to head with My Kitchen Rules.


Season 1 did indeed premiere on Sunday February 1 last year, but what’s to say that Season 2 won’t launch on Monday the 1st of February this year?


So did the poster mention season 2 or are you assuming?


I’m assuming although considering that both MKR and Australia’s Got Talent will be both launching their 2016 seasons on February 1, it’s probably a fairly safe bet that Ten will launch I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here on the same night.


Does anyone know what Tommy Little is up to in the new year?


Considering most TV ventures he’s been in so far have been flops, he’s probably going to be appearing on this to try and launch his career again now that he’s no longer on radio.


I’ve never heard of Tommy Little. Had to do a quick background check. Is he sort of like a Joel personality wise? I’d prefer if he added some drama. Last year was good but after watching this years UK version I hope we get some drama.


No Tommy is nothing like Joel Creasy other than the fact that he’s a comedian. I’ve known him for years and have had my own suspicions about him going on this show. It’s the only reason that makes sense to me for him deciding to leave Nova. I know it’s only a 6 week stint but it could be a good opportunity to boost his television career. Plus he hosts the Project every once and a while so already in the door at Ten. I will be surprised if he’s not on it.

I think there will definitely be cross promotion with Ten’s other shows too. We should see for sure someone from Bachelor or Bachelorette, maybe even another former Masterchef contestant.


Also surely it wouldn’t premiere Feb 1st on the same night as other shows launch? It’s too risky, you would think they might want to start it a week earlier.


that is why I suggested January 25 after the BBL Final and having it concluding on the Sunday of the Clipsal 500


That is probably a good idea. I would be lead to believe the ten would be more inclined for it to conclude the Sunday before Easter non ratings begins. It beginning on February 1st would allow for this.


I can’t remember if it started same night as Aus open final last year??
If so doubt ten will run scared so it might start Jan 31.


Yeah, if last year is anything to go by, 6:30 Jan 31 will be the launch.


It started on the same night as the Men’s Open Final.
It can’t fall on that day, as it would need to conclude on one of the big events of 2016 whether its the Clipsal 500 or Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix. It concluded on the Sunday of the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, if they want that trend to continue it would need to start Feb 7


Why do they have to conclude on a big event? Is this something that has been stated by ten? Because there has been plenty of finales that haven’t concluded on big events? Really confusing post William!