I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


I can see why people think that’s funny, I just don’t.
I don’t watch the other reality shows because they’re full of this type of person either desperately seeking their 15 mins or clinging onto it with everything they’ve got.
There’s been others within the previous seasons who could go away too (Mundine, Green, Tomic spring to mind, I’m sure there’s others I’ve forgotten).


No surprises here:


I think that is the earliest renewal for the show. I wonder if it is to keep people off the stupid timeslot of the finale?


Or to counteract the Newscorp article.

Maybe it has been renewed early because you are getting your wish and it is returning earlier?


Might be an interesting discussion and not sure of we’ve had it on this forum before, what’s everyones thoughts on 10 trying a non celebrity version of I’m a celebrity?

With conflict and drama rating with MAFS and MKR now and in previous years, is there an opportunity to throw in a bunch of randoms to see how they fare?

Justin seems to have lasted so long because he brings drama and conflict, according to comments on social.

They could call it, simply: get me out of here. Thoughts?


I enjoy that they’re happy to go through what they go through for charity. If it went to a non celeb version (I’d argue people from reality tv aren’t celebs anyway as it is) I think the dynamic would change. I already don’t watch the MKR/MAFS’s of the world cos I’m not interested in the conflict and faux drama. So it’s a no from me.


I dislike them both as well, but from a ratings perspective, seems to be what Straya is after.


It wouldn’t work considering the title is I’m a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here.


“Crew morale at an all-time low. Some … have taken to reading completely made up stories in Australian tabloid newspapers …”



Most of them are bordering on no bodies anyway lol


A non celebrity version would kill it. The so called “celebrities” make it fun to watch.


And call it Survivor?


The table in that article shows the filming locations.

Kruger National Park South Africa:

Dungay, New South Wales, Australia:
United Kingdom
United States

Tully, Queensland, Australia:
United Kingdom


Teresópolis, Brazil:

Aristóbulo del Valle, Argentina:

Taman Negara, Malaysia:

Costa Rica:
United States


Am I? At least I’m not wasting my energy spreading hate. I merely mentioned that they havn’t added a lot to the show or got a heap of airtime so I have always thought Justine wouldn’t last long. Her time was well and truly up last night. Natasha seems has built some sort of fanbase so I expect her to survive a few more votes. Otherwise there havn’t been any real surprises with the votes for me. It’s going to get harder to predict now but I would like to see one of Angie or Yvie go next. Justin still has a bit longer in him. I don’t think he will win but given he was probably the least known celeb coming into the season to make it this far shows that he has been entertaining to get those votes.

It appears though that Australia is the only version that currently films there and has been since 2017. The other version have completed filming. There is an upcoming French season that is going to start filming there in 2019 but that’s new.


I actually like the group this year. I’ve always liked watching the interaction and how they change/adapt while they’re in the jungle and this year they seem to have become a lot closer than in the past, perhaps more respectful of each other. I’d much rather see this than watch some contrived and/or staged arguments solely to get air time (ie MAFS or MKR).

My biggest issue this year is Julia and Chris. In the past I found them funny however this year it’s quite cringeworthy, especially Julia. I’m not sure if they’re trying to target a lower demographic (8+) but I’m not finding their antics funny at all.


Yes. Can’t say I’m spreading hate, I’ve merely said he’s vain and shallow and wasn’t someone I found at all entertaining- I don’t “hate” him, just don’t understand how people like him. Put it this way, he’s not someone I’d waste my time in real life interacting with because I’d end up telling him what I thought.
Oh, I’m done with this conversation. Clearly you’re trying to drum this into something it isn’t. As in, you are suggesting I’m spreading hate. I’m really not. Enjoy your day.


Natasha was probably lesser known.


Both Angie and Yvie bring more to the show than the vain Justin! Hope he goes next.


Probably their script writers?