I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


Budget cuts have hit I’m a Celeb hard, with Sandra Sully presenting the news from Pyrmont instead of being flown to South Africa again :rofl:


Absolute waste of money sending her to South Africa anyway, so it’s an actually a smarter use of resources surely? Or twist it however you want, all good.


Agree, just looks a little cheap compared to how it’s been presented previously but think it’s the better way to do it moving forward.


Yep, can’t wait for the 37 articles from News dot com dot au criticising this move from Ten!


Actually that’s a good point. All celebrities would have stepped on the weighing machine before they went into the jungle. She would have known in advance as would the producer. Maybe as another member on this forum said (Chris) - they want to create an over the top drama. And it so happened that she was the last to be weighed in. Go figure!

Disclaimer: I am not making fun of people with weight issue. But this whole thing just didn’t translate well into my TV screen when I was watching it. It would make some of the other people uncomfortable or even guilty. It’s not The Biggest Loser hence it’s not about celebration of weight loss.

And just like she was ‘excused’ from the Sunday Slam in advance (Not sure if that was a health issue or because of her weight. If it’s the latter, she didn’t seem to have a problem being ‘judged’ there). The smirk on her face when she was excused from the trial annoyed me a bit. It wasn’t fair on the others but if it’s due to health reason, then she has my sympathy.


She would have told them at the initial weigh in that she didn’t want to know the number.
Like all reality shows there is so much editing going on here, they were not shown in the order on the board, when Richard got emotional Shane’s weight hadn’t been measured but they were shown out of order for what was most effective. The reason I noticed was there was one more column on the board and I thought that it wasn’t fair if she didn’t want the number known that they put it on the board but it was actually Shane’s when I went back.


It probably wasn’t an obvious weigh in at the beginning, I’d imagine for a show like this they’d be needing to undergo an extensive medical beforehand with the stresses on the heart etc… from the tasks and with the distance from hospital, they need to make sure they don’t open themselves to too much risk for their insurances.


Agree. Maybe the first season for some much needed news dept publicity but the following seasons it wasn’t warranted. Sandra always did the Big Brother news recap from Pyrmont and it was always a highlight of the finale. That’s all that’s needed for Celeb


Agree and I was saying exactly that in previous years.


Double elimination tonight announced at the end of last night’s episode.


Well that sucks to see Justin go. I think for me the most entertaining contestant in all 5 seasons. Whilst he came across as cocky and arrogant in the beginning, by the end he really seemed to have learnt and grown from it a lot too and I found hilarious to watch. Hopefully he gets a TV gig of some sort from doing the show, he is the one who probably has the most to gain out of it (and maybe Angie/Yvie as well).

I want Luke to win now. I’m getting a bit over Angie and Yvie. It would be boring if they are the final 2.


Yes it’s a shame that Justin left. I thought it was interesting that when Chris asked him about some of the conversations that he had in the jungle (eg. I am beautiful, etc), Justin sort of hinted that it was a character that he was playing? I think most celebrities in the jungle do have to be strategic to get across the finishing line. And all good for their respective charities.

Out of the 5 remaining celebrities, I am hoping for the winner to be either (in no particular order) Luke, Shane, Richard or Angie. I am pleasantly surprised by how far Yvie and Angie have come. If I had to choose either one of them to win, no doubt I would go for Angie.


So anyone but Yvie?


I don’t think Justin is smart enough to do that. Who he was in the beginning was exactly how I perceived him on Love Island too. I was actually thinking during last nights episode that Justin seems to have grown a lot on this show. At first he was entertaining to watch because of how narrow minded and self indulged he seemed but last night it occurred to me how much he had started to lighten up recently and was funny in a different way. I really grew to like him.

I’m still bewildered to the fact that the finale is going to air 4 days after it is actually filmed. I think the result might differ based on this. The fact that viewers are so used to voting during the show and might get caught out not realising this is quite ridiculous.

I would actually be happy with Luke or Richard winning now. I keep forgetting how great Richard has been, he’s never been an outright fave but the show would have been a lot duller without him.


It’s my personal opinion but what’s interesting about this show is it actually sways my opinion constantly depending on what’s happening in the show. But if she wins, good for her.


I think Justin shot himself in the foot the other night, when he told Yvie that he was “offended” by her speech about her eating disorder and weight problems. There were a lot of viewers who sympathised with Yvie and hated the way he made it all about himself.


All good. Just making fun of your comment where you could have said I would like anyone to win but…


I think it’s Justin’s poor choice of words. Bless him LOL

As the jungle doctor (Dr Stefan ) said, it was about the journey, not about weight loss.

Richard was overwhelmed after he found out about how much weight he lost. I don’t think he cried because he lost so much weight and can be skinny again. I thought it was more about how far he has come in the competition, going through a series of challenges and he is still standing and alive. I think that’s the essence of the whole ‘weighing’ exercise.


Good bye Justin and good riddance, go Angie and Yvie! I do think that Luke will win though.


This is the final 5 I expected. Given it’s for charity I don’t really mind who wins.