I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


What a crock of shit! The trials look like other years! They have changed them up but no less.


Yet more lies. This season is up on last season so don’t see why there won’t be another season.


What are they talking about? They used a helicopter in one challenge. Idiots.


The trials have been just as good, if not better, than any other year.

There have been no surprises yet for me with any of the eliminations. My gut says that Justine and Natasha would be the next 2 to go, however it feels like Natasha has built some sort of fanbase as this underdog type figure so might make it pretty close to the end. I just dunno who is voting for Justine as she doesn’t receive much airtime and hasn’t added much IMO.


Newscorp are probably angry I’m A Celebrity outrates the Big Bash!


I have not read the articles but the challenges have definitely been scaled down this year


Its much cheaper than BBL and was beating BBL in the ratings, I think they would be happy with the result. The program has never been profitable, it has always been about getting viewers onto Ten for the start of the year!

I would say the decision to do an earlier season has been more successful than most predicted, they will leverage off that next year


Is it though? It’s a genuine question. When you factor in celebrity delivers 7-8 hours of programming a week for a month and BBL delivers double that a week for 2 months?


About the only difference trial wise is I can’t really remember them using the dam this year that they have used a lot in recent years.


I don’t understand who is voting for Justin.
Vain, selfish, not overly intelligent, he’s on the wrong reality show - if only he could cook or wanted to get married.


Well Im a celeb wouldnt cost billions they paid for cricket :joy:


How is it scaled down? They arnt going to do same trials every year. They look pretty good to me!


No that is true. But the billion is over 6 years, includes test, one day, T20, BBL and streaming. I’m a celebrity only runs for 4 weeks and Runs for 1 and a half hours a night. I’m not saying it isn’t cheaper I just wonder if it’s really that much cheaper in the grand scheme of things.


My biggest issue is the Sunday challenges have been basically the same every week.


Not that much though to say there is no budget.


I am not voting but if I was I would vote for him because he is funny, doesn’t take himself seriously and is very blunt.


Me. I have put in a couple of votes for Justin every night this week.

He’s the most entertaining there. The fact that you are spending so much time talking about someone that you supposedly don’t like just goes to show why he is getting votes. The more I see the trolls doing this on social media, the more I want to vote.


Hoping Shane Crawford or Richard Reid wins …
Love both guys their have brought a lot to the show.


But isn’t that why he is funny?


Think we have a different idea of the meaning of entertainment. I don’t find him entertaining in the slightest, understand why other people do though. You’re also getting wound up by trolls (your word), I’m not voting just merely watching. Couldn’t care less who wins, just think that people such as him are a sad indictment of where society is.
I like plenty of people there (think my favourites are Natasha and Shane of who are left), I’m merely interacting with other people here and that’s who they are speaking about (he’s a polarising figure because he’s vain AF and doesn’t think he is). I’m glad you think I’m spending so much time talking about someone - exactly the same thing you are doing with Natasha and Justine among others to be blunt.