I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


Might be worth something one day!


Just got to say, this show has a lot of heart. I think that’s the key to success. You don’t need tremendous conflict 24/7, but you do need heart and fun.

Also, Natasha is the new Jana Wendt. Somebody put her out in the field, pronto.


In past seasons there have been obvious favourites to win from the start but this season there are no major stand outs besides perhaps Luke. Most have been in the bottom three at some stage.

As for Katherine, I wouldn’t be surprised if she signed a one week contract. The over the top exit was right out of a soap.


I’m a Celebrity finale won’t be Live this year


Well, that’s silly. Bigger chance that spoilers will get out. Should have had it on the Tuesday.


Such a stupid decision.


Also Angie and Yvie’s stay in the jungle won’t be mentioned on this season of Gogglebox.


Well there is another 2 weeks of a celebrity and gogglebox crossover. If one of them win they will have to cover it.


Why? They don’t cover every show on television. They can easily ignore it.


They normally cover most reality finales…


Why are they waiting 5 days just to air out 1 episode? The finale will lose momentum and I predict will be one of the lowest rating yet if this is the case. They should have just ended it on Wednesday or Thursday and launched Changing Rooms the following week. This whole thing makes no sense. This show is all about being live from Africa and viewers are used to voting for their favourites for tucker trials or eliminations during the show. A lot of people will probably vote right up to the finale not even realising it doesn’t count and you can be certain that this is going to leak (unless they film alternate endings which once again would be stupid).


They should reconsider this plan.

Even if they run the first episodes of Changing Rooms Thursday and Sunday, that’s a better option than this. Or even better, delay whatever is being screened Tuesday and screen CR Tuesday to Thursday for one week.


Agree. Or all they had to do was start eliminations one episode earlier to allow it to finish on Tuesday. It is just stupid.


Ridiculous decision. If they really had to leave the jungle early than doing a live finale on Sunday 17th from Australia would have been a lot better.


Surely they could have hosted the final from the Blue Mountains :slight_smile:


Yeah, and have the winner triumphantly ride The Scenic Railway to the top.



News Corp is reporting the show’s ratings slump against Married at First Sight and My Kitchen Rules is affecting crew morale in South Africa.

“It has been a disaster from start to finish — there has been no budget this year, so all the trials have been toned down,” the insider said.
“Morale is terrible among the crew, they are desperate to be out. Don’t expect there to be another season.”


NewsCorp having yet another dig at Ten. They can’t get over losing to CBS.


the people running the socials seem to be having a blast!