I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


In the schedules thread, that episode has been marked as the season finale.


But according to 10’s media release this morning recapping Jacqui’s exit, the finale has been scheduled for Sunday February 17. So what’s going on?


Why are they having the finale on the Sunday? Seems very odd. Should have just had the finale on the Tuesday or Wednesday.


Did anyone hear Katherine say “I’ll eat some differant balls” when she was exiting camp on tonights show! :joy::joy:


I wonder how much they paid Katherine to come on to then be voted out at her very first opportunity (1 week!). It goes to show that putting someone on so late in the season, especially an American, comes at a big disadvantage. I was more surprised by how upset she was to be going… to me it felt like she was hating her time there and sucking it up but she seemed to genuinely want to be there as long as she could. I don’t think we’ve ever had a contestant cry so much when they left and during their exit interview.

Interesting that they say there were a clear bottom 6 that voting was close between. It begs the question if we have a clear top 5? My guess is Luke, Justin, Angie, Yvie and Shane are doing well in the votes.




:thinking: She’s been there for over 30 years. I’m sure she doesn’t think of it like that.


Maybe its a cult? :stuck_out_tongue:


If anybody still doubts that Woman’s Day just makes rubbish up, have a look at this. A couple of weeks ago, according to Woman’s Day they split up but now they supposedly got married. :joy:

JAN 21, 2019:

FEB 04, 2019:


But he was just banging on about being single in the Sunday paper mag. :thinking:




And, according to New Idea yesterday, he’s now dating Jackie O. :joy:


I would’ve thought that after the Rebel Wilson lawsuit they might’ve lifted their game but unfortunately the reverse appears to have happened. Now that it’s common knowledge that they fake a lot of their stories they seem to be coming up with even more outlandish stories than they did before.

And sadly people are still buying this rubbish.


You mean Yasmin isn’t pregnant with Karl’s miracle baby since he had a vasectomy?


Who is Yasmin? And Karl?


Well it doesn’t help that they kind of got away with the Rebel Wilson case.


The “I’m a Celebrity” host has also been linked to Karl Stefanovic.


Didn’t she get married? Oh no, that’s right the series never made it that far.


That can fill week 49 of 10’s 50 week schedule


I still have that whole series on tape/DVD somewhere. that whole week lol