I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


It’s the week after next. Since Changing Rooms premieres on Wednesday, February 13, is the finale of I’m a Celebrity on Tuesday February 12?
Also, saw a promo during tonight’s episode which said there would be an elimination “every single night”. That’s a misleading as I’m a Celebrity doesn’t air on Friday (a new season of Show Me the Movie starts next Friday) and the final episode of Saturday Schoolies is on Saturday February 9. Will Scott Tweedie have the duty to announce who will be next to leave the jungle?


Not quite 5 weeks but more than 4 weeks by the sounds of it. Finale I assume will either be the Monday or Tuesday (11th or 12th)


I know people have enjoyed this series and the casting and I don’t entirely disagree but I am getting super bored!!

There has been nowhere near the amount of fighting we have seen in previous series’.

Also, why are people continuing to vote Justin in! I cannot stand him. Plus, he always completes the challenges pretty well - don’t you want to see different people voted in? For example, Richard would be hilarious in an eating trial yet Justin is voted in - BORING.

My only hope is that there is fighting within the camp (maybe the producers need to organise something to cause a bit of fighting) and that maybe when some people get eliminated, they select different (funny) people for the trials!


steal Justin’s chapstick?

The ad I saw said they were going to change up the roles soon. so Justine wont be cooking them gourmet meals every night


Yep - steal his chapstick!!! All for it!

As for changing the roles… good… should’ve happened sooner!


Cooking has been the main source of conflict in previous seasons but with Justine doing all the cooking thus far, it’s pretty much been a non issue. Once she’s out of the kitchen, tempers may flare. They have also dome well in challenges so haven’t been starving. Less food would be interesting.


I thought I’d be bored without the fighting but to my own surprise, I didn’t think it was boring. It was hilarious and also sad and touching at times especially when some personal stories were shared. The dynamics of the cast is really good this year.


Either Julia’s in trouble for using the “I” word or they want world record holder Justin for the show :smile:


If i was stuck in the jungle with a food expert like Justine id be very happy for her to look after the cooking haha!!


How is that misleading? You don’t need to take it so literally. Obviously there can’t be an elimination on a night the show doesn’t air. Geez.

That’s not possible unless we have double eliminations (which I doubt). We still have 12 celebs and have been told there will be an elimination every night from Sunday. There have to be at least 9-10 more episodes if we have an elimination every night. I still think it’s going to run until the Sunday 17th to finish the night before Dancing wit the Stars commences. I always suspected that it would run past the 4 weeks. Possibly there wa a clause in the contract that it could go an extra week if it was rating well. I know they have extended Celeb BB seasons in the UK for that reason.


It can’t air until then changing rooms begins on the 13th


Why can’t Chanigng Rooms air at 8.40 after Celeb? It would have to be double eliminations otherwise.


Because ten have already announced it as starting at 7:30 check the changing rooms thread.


Finale Tuesday 12th Feb at 7:30pm.


Changing Rooms starts Wednesday 13th Feb. Celeb final the night before.


I’m starting to think the finale might actually be Sunday 17 Feb. Possibly even announced live in Sydney like Survivor do.


It was a shame to see Jacqui go tonight as she finally seemed to have just gotten back to her old self, however not surprising given that she became pretty invisible ever since the injury.

I’m surprised that people like Tahir and Justine (and even Natasha although she had immunity) are getting votes… they have been pretty dull IMO. I’ll just be sending a vote Justin’s way each night from now on… he has been the most entertaining by far and I would love to see the reaction of all the haters if it did happen.

For it to finish on Tuesday 12th Feb I think it means that there would need to be 2 double eliminations . That is assuming 3 in the finale like previous seasons. Maybe this time they will do 4 or 5 which is more like they do on a lot of UK reality shows (e.g. The UK Celeb Big Brother finale usually has 6 in the finale).


But the finale has already been announced as the Tuesday?


By 10?


Where has this been announced?