I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


Disagree. Good chance all the women will know of her plus the footballers as footballers are notorious for watching soaps.

Surprised Jacqui wasn’t sent to hospital immediately, especially considering the hospital is two hours from camp. She had a sizeable lump when the dr was examing her. It was always going to swell more.


I can’t believe the next trial. F that for a joke! But it’s going to be entertaining!


I remember a few posters on here where saying this year wasn’t going to do well :joy::joy: Its got a really good group of people in this year. Yeah they arn’t “celebrities” but we and they know that which also makes it funny!


I think I already discussed it with but I totally admit I didn’t think it was going to do that well. And honestly I think 10 also had doubts. There is no way they were complacement about ratings. I am surprised but really relieved that television has a place inside the summer months. Great to see. As I said before the buzz leading up to it was not as big as other years. And that cannot be argued. Breakfast radio continuously speculated on the celebrities entering. But with them all on holidays it was next to impossible to get that hype. And I think 10 got it very right with the cast. Especially have the disaster of last year. Casting to dead boring people in Danny green and Anthony mundine was madness. And Tomic was a complete fail.

And also to be fair it also exceeded your expectations and you expected a drop as well. You did clearly state nothing rates above a million yet it did in its first episode.


Haha yes… how wrong I was :joy: Good to see it doing well :+1::grin:


It’s a great mix of personalities. In the past producers have thrown big bucks at the likes of Warne, Tomic, Arnold and Mundine and they’ve been an absolute bore. Laurina, Keira and Justin would be relatively cheap and have provided 90% of the entertainment.


I look at it is way. As much as I love the show, if Ten had have won the rights to the cricket in that mega deal they proposed (broadcasting test, odi, t20, womens, bbl, one day cup, wbbl and shield) Nthen the show would have been forced to not be renewled. There just would have been no room for the show as they did not wanna go up against nines ‘Never saw you before but lets marry’ and sevens ‘fights at the dinner table’.


I actually don’t think that is the case. I believe 10 renewed this before the cricket deal.


When would they have been able to show it if they had the cricket though?


Later in the year.


This show is going to face its second major test tonight with the opening night of MAFS and MKR.

Hopefully the show’s early start has given it enough momentum to keep its audience and be competitive against the other two, but I have my doubts.


No doubt that the show has been a bit lost in the midst of the Open lately. I don’t even know how MKR will measure with what the BBL has been rating.


From 10 today:

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! season 5 is #1 in its timeslot in under 50s and total people. It is achieving its highest ever shares and its biggest ever BVOD catch-up audience.


Where they normally showed it…


Funny little promo for tonight


Last week was Benplay. This week was Zenplay…


I have a feeling MKR is a tired format and people hopefully won’t watch! :+1:


It will definitely be interesting to see the ratings tomorrow


I don’t understand why in this day and age shows are measured as directly in competition with each other! I never watch anything live these days. I’m a Celebrity is my No1 show but I record it and MAFS too. Maybe I have more time than others, being retired, but I don’t want to waste any of that time sitting in front of my tv and watching ads all night!


Exactly. I think that would be most people now. I know I don’t watch anything live unless its sport or the finale of something like Survivor and haven’t done so for years.