I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


Well that’s pretty crap.


Just realistic.


Because audience share is what really matters in overnight figures, not the total number of viewers.


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No doubt that the show has been a bit lost in the midst of the Open lately. [/quote]

How so? The show has been receiving some of it’s best ratings and audience shares in its 5 seasons.


Is IAC filmed in HD and shown in native HD on TenHD?


As far as I can tell, no.


I’d say its done in HD but may look slightly differant as its coming via satelite etc


Anyone else think Jacqui’s bump to the head has made her slow? Either that or she’s depressed in there now.


Yes, she has seemed a bit quiet lately not as energetic.


Maybe the delayed effect of bump to her head. Did she have a concussion test?


She had been taken to hospital and ended up having a CT Scan, which came up all clear.

Since the incident happened, it did look like she had been beaten up - pretty big hit! I think the editing also plays a part, the focus lately has more been on Shane and Derrmott.

Katherine Kelly Lang is a questionable addition - for some reason i just do not like her.


She’s fine but I just don’t think she’ll add anything to the dynamics of the group.

If anything, she’s just another American who has to have everything about Australia explained.


That’s a perfect way to put it. Completely agree.


And you already have that with Richard, although he has been immersed in a lot of Australian culture over the years so doesn’t need as many explanations. I think it’s funny how he has embraced the lingo and says things like “dunny” now like it’s totally natural. :joy:

The other days he was saying tomahto instead of tomayto. :joy:


KKL has spent enough time in Australia to understand most things about our culture, she deserves a bit more credit than that.


You would think so but that hasn’t been evident so far. She’s obviously not as naive or isolated as some some of the others we’ve seen. It’s early days so let’s see.


Yep we barely see her now. She seems to have just become quiet and less interested.

Does anyone know the end date of this? Everyone has been harping on about 4 weeks but I just can’t see it ending after next week with so many contestants. Given Dancing with the Stars starts Monday 18th Feb I think it makes sense that this would end of Sunday the 17th?


I would say Monday 11th seems most likely and then Ten will break into Ambulance Australia and Changing Rooms before DWTS the following week.


I’m starting to wonder if they will drag it out until thursday 14th as they haven’t started eliminating multiple people a week yet


Is there an elimination tonight? Only Ajay and Sam out so far?