I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


She’s either walked or got injured/sick


Where is this information coming from?


Saturday Schoolies


she does have back troubles. i hope she has not walked because she was my fav


She seemed to be annoyed when she was put in that challenge with Justin.


So does this only have 2 weeks to go and that’s it? As we know once Married arrives the show is over.


Yes. And no, the show is not over as it runs for 2 more weeks. :wink:




TV Week confirms Katherine Kelly Lang from The Bold and the Beautiful going in.


My sister and I used to refer to TV Week as the Bible. It appears it still deserves that homage.


check out that lump!

Oh yeah no one will know who KKL is except Richard Reid and maybe the Gogglebox girls. She’s obviously there to flog her kaftans.


Ten should have simulcast her appearance on her favourite Australian television channel - TVSN.


They’re starting to get more exclusive stories and interviews again which is the smart way to go, I think. Better than relentlessly covering one soap s nd ignoring all the other shows on TV.

Wrong! I’d say the majority would know her even if they haven’t really watched the soap.


Jacqui is definitely a trooper. Can’t believe they didn’t see that cut, I guess it didn’t bleed until it had swollen up.


Does people not like Sam or something? He was really entertaining in the jungle and provided many laughs for my family and I, yet he gets eliminated? I was hoping Tahir would go becuase he seems rather reserved most of the time.

Oh well, Australia’s loss.


Did the intruder go in? Or pre recorded for tomorrow?


A box was put in the camp live at the end of tonight’s show… there was a button, which when pushed started a countdown from 23hrs. So live tomorrow by the look of it.


Anybody notice the f-bomb that was dropped by Sam in the camp as he was leaving? It seemed like they tried to censor it but missed the word because it was live.


It was totally removed from the delayed Queensland version.