I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


It’s not mean if it’s a fact.


They are always going to over-egg the pudding though right?


I feel like it’s unnecessary to have any more additions. The cast is a good one and you just want to see more of them.


SPOILER ALERT: We know who is going into the jungle next;


would Ashleigh Brewer be classed as one of those in that particular group


Some viewers not impressed with the product placement tonight.


Product placement is the norm these days. Celebrity has been doing it from the start. KFC and Budget Direct are two I remember.


But what if Angie had lost?


Blackout. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah it was odd for a challenge to be so set up around a brand. I don’t think they’ve done that before or not so in your face like that anyway.

I am finding Justin the most entertaining this season and would actually be happy with him winning., which is a surprise given I couldn’t stand him on Love Island. I’m happy for him to continue doing every trial. At least he gives it a proper go.


Which celeb hasn’t given a trial a proper go?


I’m referring to the fact that he has done most trials and every single time he’s brought on his A game, no matter what it is. Did you watch the food challenge the other night? Some of those guys were behaving like children, particularly Dermott, jumping up and down laughing as Shane was trying to eat the food. Justin was telling them to stop laughing and be more encouraging to Shane. Even last night Luke was saying how much he is claustrophobic for the next trial and Justin was offering to do his bit if they would allow it. I just think he’s been a good sport and puts in 100% despite getting put on pretty much everything.


Yes I watched the food trial the other night. Thought he tried to make it all about him. Don’t think there has been a celeb who hasn’t given 100%, so I’m not sure why you think he’s the only one who is?
Dermott and Shane are old mates, I guess they aren’t allowed to find things funny at all?
I remember Sam being encouraging whilst Shane ate and Justin hid behind the lid from on top of the food.
I think he’s quite possibly the most vain person I’ve ever seen, his issue with his nose during the trial (where there was nothing wrong with it) the other night summed it up.


Oh geez. When did I say that Justin is the only one who is giving 100%? Nowhere. My comment was about Justin and how he’s performed in numerous trials, not anyone else.


Justin is, without a doubt, the star of this season. Entertaining on so many levels.


This to me implies you think he is giving it 100% and some aren’t. This is what I originally asked.

This suggested to me you didn’t think they were putting in 100%

All good :call_me_hand:


He’s about the only thing making me want to switch off.


Richard in the trial was hilarious tonight.


I know some people think Natasha is boring or come across as aloof. But I actually don’t mind watching her. Sometimes you don’t have to be over the top to be interesting in the jungle (hello Ajay!). I think this year’s cast is pretty good. I actually do not have a particular strong dislike towards any of the celebrities. If I had to pick my least favorite, it’d be Ajay but overall, it’s a pretty good cast. And so far, not as much conflict and bitching as the previous years even though we have a big personality such as Jacqui. And Sam is really a pleasant surprise to me - his sometimes self-deprecating attitude deserves to be applauded. Even the two Goggle Box girls (whom I criticised for the annoying preview earlier) are great to watch.


Something has happened to Jaquie Lambie