I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


Is it really fair that these ‘exclusives’ are being posted. Part of the interest in the show is the reveal of the celebrities in the first show and how they relate to the clues. Fair enough the Gogglebox girls have been revealed but that was by 10.


It’s a personal grudge against 10 though isn’t it?


No it’s not, it’s a legitimate story. This is info WHO magazine, news.com.au, daily mail etc would love to have. If you don’t want to know then fine, but please don’t sit there accusing me of bias when other outlets are publishing stories like this.


I actually think this is 10 wanting people to know to generate more buzz not a bias at all. Why would it be? He is giving them promotion.


I’m just calling it from where I see it, and I would also question the professionalism of the sources if they are working on the project.


What??? These sorts of leaks happen with all shows. Come on man get a grip.


It’s just how I feel. I really like this show and the anticipation of the big reveal in the first episode and seeing where the speculation was right or wrong (lol what happened to Sabrina the Teenage Witch?).

Do these leaks really always happen? People working on a show contact their mates with a blog or journalists and undermine the marketing strategy of the project they are (presumably) wanting to make succeed?


The first two ‘leaks’ were from Ten with them announcing the Googleboxers were going in. And if they didn’t want the other names getting out they would ensure they didn’t. You might want to ask Ten why.


But also it’s nothing new for media outlets trying to get a “scoop” on something that’s being kept under wraps. That’s really just basic journalism and they’ll all be doing it, although it looks like TV Week got their scoop handed to them.

Go back to the 1970s and newspapers were printing “spoilers” about who was going to die in the Number 96 bomb which was the show’s big cliffhanger and was being produced under strict security. Stuff is always going to get out, and Ten’s probably been lucky that more hasn’t got out about I’m A Celebrity in previous years.


It’s people like that what makes the world it is today! Fucking loosen up morons! If you don’t want to watch it then DON’T! There are other people that will! Im talking about the person in the latter not the actual Media Spy poster haha!


Could the comedian be Tommy Little. He has been quiet on Instagram for 3 days now and don’t think he’s been on the project this week either?


It’s Tommy Little every year! Haha

But maybe this year is his year. If Carrie isn’t ready to return to their drive show then I guess he’s available.


He was on the show Sunday and Monday.


Seems odd that they’re revealing so many celebrities before the show begins on Sunday. That’s usually the huge drawcard.


It’s gone too far now.

Reveal one, sure, ramp up the fun but 5? That’s ridiculous.


This isn’t unusual though is it? Every year lots get leaked in the days leading up.


This sounds like something Tommy would say


A leak is different to an exclusive reveal which is what the show has done this year with various media outlets. TV Week, Who magazine and Sydney Morning Herald etc.


Watching this clue here, I’m 99% certain its Richard Reid. Just the mannerisms and how he says things.

So, if it is him then my hit rate so far is pretty good!


Yes it is unusual. 10 usually don’t confirm the contestants before the first episode. The media usually just speculates.