I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


I get he is popular on radio but l think viewers like myself wanna see him suffer without his creature comforts and experiencing the worst challenges ever! :joy:


On radio, Kyle is big (in Sydney at least, to lesser extent in other cities). But on TV, he is more usually rated as annoying and overrated. He doesn’t have a good tv rate overall.


I think that was when he was a visitor to the regular show a few years later IIRC.

Edit: @Kushaa while not the actual walk out, this gives a good impression of his visit.


You seem to forget he did a whole season of Celebrity Big Brother.


No, not forgetten, that’s been established.


Celebrity Big Brother was also in 2002, like 17 years ago. A Lot has changed since then. His ego has only grown. If it is him in the jungle, I’d place money on him being the first to walk.


Joe Hildebrand is cutting it fine for time considering he’s meant to be on the show. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


thats because all his segments have cleverly been pre recorded this week!




I was convinced he was was one of the celebrities in the video. I was well off - like every year.


Richard Reid for sure




I got this email today, somehow they think I am Channel Ten :roll_eyes:



Can the ratings get any worse though?

Silly comment.


Given the person emailed it to me as though I’m Channel 10 I’m guessing they aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer



Very true.


That is hilarious.

Not for the content (one would imagine that Angie Kent and/or Yvie Jones would be less than impressed with the “disgusting TV watchers” remark), but rather because whoever sent you that email thought you’re Channel Ten or some major authority in Australian TV! :laughing:


I get them all the time. I got one a few weeks ago having a go about something Sandra Sully said


TV Blackbox EXCLUSIVE: Luke Jacobz is confirmed!


Luke is a good get. He’s got a wide fan base with The X Factor, Home & Away and DWTS and should do really well I think.