I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


Kyle makes sense given that Trial by Kyle is coming to Ten this year. It’s easy cross promotion plus I’m not sure when Kyle and Jakcie O would be back on radio but presumably the earlier start means that he won’t have to miss as may weeks of that when it returns.


I honestly find it hard to imagine Kyle doing this show, he doesn’t need the money and lives a pretty lavish lifestyle and wouldn’t want to be without his creature comforts. I guess money talks however…


Big turn off for me if Kyle is on, might even give it a miss this year if he is


I don’t get the fascination with Kyle. Is he really that popular in Australia? I recall that he didn’t last long in the Celebrity Big Brother show.


Angie and Yvie and their nervous poo are so annoying on the ads. Why does Ten think this will make people want to watch?



You recall wrong. He made it to the second last day and came 3rd.


TV Blackbox can confirm 100% Ajay Rochester is going into the jungle:


This is genius casting imo


this is the ‘celebrity’ this show was designed for…if only people would realise


Popular in Sydney radio… not really elsewhere. I don’t get the fascination either


I don’t get how this could be an exclusive, it was revealed in a podcast back in 2014.

Hardly new information if that is the case


I always think he must have some shit on some powerful people to keep getting jobs.


Haha yay that’s great casting IMO. She will be entertaining.

They are played nationally in the later drive time slot and in many regional areas as well. Like them or not, they are huge.


Agreed about ajay. She is so delusional she is going to be a joy to watch.

Jacqui Lambie is also gold and if it’s true about Pam Anderson then we might actually be in for a good series!!!


The exclusive part is I am confirming she is in the jungle. To the best of my knowledge it has been guessed, but not confirmed


Oops sorry. For some reason, I thought he threw a tantrum and decided to leave voluntarily. My bad.


Fair enough, but then the attached comment you made is a little misleading.

It implies she has just dropped this news, which is incorrect. Also that the information you have about said news is a TV Blackbox exclusive, which is obviously as you state about her joining the jungle and not related.

I think it could have been worded better personally but if it works to get traction to the site then that’s good for you.


When l first read the tweet l thought the bombshell was the exclusive.


I take your point re the wording