I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


Oh god no. She’s gonna carry on about being a vegan and being sexualized by our PM and Julian Assange’s cat


She was sexualised by Julian Assange’s cat?


Who cares? She’s a pretty big get if this is true. Even if big brother already had her!!!


Just proves that they are making Celebrity Big Brother in the jungle.


They can’t eveb get the launch date correct, the article says Sun 14th Jan.

I’ve seen enough promos (thanks 10 play) to know that Sunday is the 13th.


This date reminds me of last year’s date.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why’s that? Series commenced on Sun 28 Jan last year.


I believe there will be a new voice over talent used this year. I know a voice artist who auditioned late last year but she hasn’t said whether she got the job or not.


10’s head of entertainment and factual Stephen Tate has told Mediaweek that contestants have already been in South Africa in lock down for about four days prior to entering camp. They had separate accommodations and minders during the lockdown.
Tate explains what happens before the contestants fly to South Africa.

Every year we do a shoot with contestants in December in Sydney and it’s a military operation.

They all come through at a secret location and never meet each other. They’re all given code names or numbers, they’re never referred to by name. Essentially they go through the process of shooting the opening titles and doing the embargoed interviews.

They also do their master interview for the launch show and their wardrobe fittings, and it all happens in a single day.

Every year there’s one or two that just can’t make it for various reasons. Either they’re overseas or committed elsewhere. A couple of those people will have to go over slightly earlier so that we can do that processing with them in South Africa.


Voice Over talent? Do you mean for the promos? There has never been any voice over talent used in the show, they have hosts for that.


I thought there was a narrator. I have not watched much of it at all really. :blush: I’ll ask again and try and find out more details.


Is it possible the clues are too obvious?


I think they have been… or the security around names this year is not as good as previous years.


So who is confirmed? Or obvious?


I was actually responding to a post Rob made but has since deleted.


One of the celebrities said they’d had paparazzi go through their rubbish. Didn’t this happen to Ajay? From memory they found out she was dumping her rubbish in someone else’s bin.


Kyle had people go through his rubbish


Yeah sorry about that, I hit the wrong button! But from what I know most of the names being speculated are correct.


I’m still oblivious to who that is lol