I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


Yes she is very unlikable as well.


So it’s not Pauline going in. What if it was Wyatt Roy?


How about yassmin abdel magied? She has been criticised for the controversial tweet on Anzac Day 2017.


She was still in London yesterday, going by her Twitter feed.


I thought Ajay had a bit of bad blood with 10? Though we’ve seen amends made before. Left of field selection but agree might work alright, I actually liked her as host over Hayley Lewis on TBL


If so, these clues from Celebrity’s Facebook Q&A with with one of the celebrities tonight would confirm their suspicions:


She has fake boobs
She’s done some radio hosting
Blonde (with some grey underneath)
Loves cats
Wasn’t on Neighbours
One of her best friends worked at Movie World
Is Australian, but doesn’t live here anymore
2002-2010 were her glory years on Aus TV
In in the celebrity world but behind the scenes
Not a sports player
She’s a celebrity, but not where she lives
Did stand up early on in her career
She’s been compared to Pam Anderson before
Hosted TV shows across multiple networks
She enjoys shooting as a hobby
School nickname was Dimboola


that sounds like Sophie Monk but shes contracted to 9?


Definitely not Sophie Monk.

She lives on the Good Coast for a start, is still active in Australian TV now, likely hasn’t gone grey yet, the clue “her friend worked at Movie World” says it all that it’s not her, but alludes to the fact that the celebrity in question is friends with Monk and is currently dating someone.


Sophie worked at movie world as Marilyn Monroe. She is not technically located here.


Beat me to it, she was also born in London, I’m not sure if she’s famous there?


I’m aware of that, but THIS celebrity said she didn’t work there however her friend did which may be alluding to the fact she’s friends with Monk.

What do you mean by, “she’s not located there”?


Perhaps this is the guy from Love Island.



Or Ryan from MAFS? He thinks he’s pretty funny.


Dropping the F bomb again. Wow, so edgy 10. :roll_eyes:


Going based on what many people are speculating, I’m guessing this is the I’m a Celeb cast for 2019.

Gossip Guru: Richard Reid
Politician 1: Sam Dastyari
Politician 2: Jacqui Lambie
Footy Legend: Dermott Brereton
Famous Foodie: Justine Schofield
Comedian: Tahir Bilgic
TV Presenter: Luke Jacobz
Controversial TV Host: Ajay Rochester
TV Critics: Angie and Yvie (confirmed)
Newsreader: Natasha Exelby? (the only one that seems to be uncertain, presumably female)
Reality Star: Justin Lacko

All up a pretty weak cast, admittedly I would immediately recognise all but one by name but they are really scraping the bottom of the barrel this year. Although they aren’t big names I do think that they will deliver some great entertainment though.


Probably don’t need the spoiler tags if it’s speculation


Great interview with I’m a Celebrity EP Alex Mavroidakis.

Outside of the change in celebrities and a “beautiful twist” in the first week of the show, Mavroidakis says viewers can expect a shorter season – four and a half weeks.


What time will I’m a Celebrity: Saturday Schoolies with Scott Tweedie air?


7pm starting Saturday 19 January.