I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


Someone didn’t see the figures for season 1 of Australian Ninja Warrior


How many years ago was that?


It aired in July 2017, so only 18 months ago.
Debuted exactly 18 months ago today funnily enough.


Also look how well Married at First site was rating last year especially towards the end.


The premiere on Sunday has been extended until 9:30pm.


Yeah exactly shows do and can rate above 1 million. I do agree celebrity won’t but to say shows don’t rate above 1 million is just someone trying to back away from their claim.


That’s almost 2 years ago tho :wink:


It was actually 1.5 years ago, not even. Anyway like I’ve said there were plenty of shows last year, like The Block and Married at First Sight (just to name a few), that were regularly able to rate well above 1million.


I’m not backing away from my claim mate…:+1:


What ever mate seriously


I am a fan of this show but I actually don’t like the promo with the 2 GoogleBox ladies. I thought it was cringe-worthy. But I am sure as the show progresses, I may learn to adore them. But until then, I don’t like the promo!


Well you kind of did when you said the it’s the same level excitement and then that nothing rates above 1 million when it did last year…

But anyway let’s just move on. Wouldn’t want to stop the excitement of this thread.


Could the opinionated host be Walleed? He didn’t really have a Christmas break and he was on Sunday’s show but hasn’t been since since.


That’s what I thought but if we rely from the clue from TV Blackbox - this celebrity’s credits includes hosting one of Australia’s biggest reality shows - you’d have to think it would be Kyle Sandilands.

It definitely feels like the type of show he would do and I think he’d be fantastic for it.


God I hope its not Kyle. He would be very much tom arnold like IMO.


The Daily Telegraph seems to be predicting Ajay Rochester for the TV presenter, which seems somewhat of a let down if true:


That sounds to me like it could be James Mathison… I can’t see Kyle going into the jungle.


This was also a clue:

Doesn’t sound like Mathison to me.


Ajay would be great


Ajay would be gold. She has delusions of celebrity. Perfect fodder for this show