I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


And she is also not looking for love because she is married. So dont think it’s her.


To my knowledge I don’t think her & Lee are married yet or at least engaged, but she certainly found love on the show so I think you’re right.


Davina Rankin from last year’s Married at First Sight might be in the jungle. :yum:


I think it’s going to be duos this year. the Gogglebox girls, the 2 politicians… cant remember the other clues but they will probably be paired up/related to each other in a sense.


Calm down peeps…way too much excitement on this thread!


Why do you keep posting that. It’s the point of this thread building up to the launch of the show?!


Its called taking the piss…to the people that said the excitement isn’t here this year :joy::joy:


Nick Cummins?


I really doubt he would do it, he has no reason to really. We need to think lower than the likes of Georgia, Nick etc. Someone from Bachelor in Paradise who isn’t returning or the latest season of Bachelor/Bachelorette or even a dating show from another network (MAFS?) that resonated with audiences.


I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here starts earlier and 10 wants everyone to know

Network 10 has launched a large-scale marketing campaign to support the season five premiere of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! . The new season starts on Sunday 13 January 2018, two weeks earlier than previous seasons.

The campaign includes heavy marketing across a broad range of assets including large format outdoor, radio, street art, transit, retail, cinema, fitness centres, digital, TV, social and print.

On premiere day, 10 will take to the streets to give people a taste of the celebrity jungle life…literally! Pop-up ice cream carts will roam high traffic locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane offering free jungle ice cream. Flavours will include Strawberry Squirm blending strawberry and vanilla ripple with crickets – yep, crickets! - and Snake in the Mud mixing chocolate ice cream with lolly snakes. The carts will appear at Bondi Beach and Chatswood Mall in Sydney, St Kilda Beach and Federation Square in Melbourne and Queen Street Mall in Brisbane.

Network 10’s head of marketing and social media Brad Garbutt said: “Summer doesn’t always have to be just about sport on TV. We know audiences appreciate having a variety of TV viewing options and by launching I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here earlier we’re giving our under 50s audience a light-hearted and fun entertainment alternative across this period.

“With this new programming approach, we took the opportunity to market the show differently. Firstly, we went big. Bigger than usual. Spreading the word on the show’s earlier launch date as widely as possible. We also wanted to have a bit of fun and bring the jungle experience to life by offering free jungle inspired ice cream. Try it if you dare! This will be a season of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! not be missed.”

Network 10 worked with Spark Foundry and Carat to launch the campaign.


One of the disguised voices sounds like Mick Molloy. Does he match any of the clues? Or is he definitely still in Australia?



Yep it is definitely him


Well hopefully you are right and it gets the 1 million it normally launches too, considering you think it’s the same level as other years…


Nothing rates 1 million these days you know that…id say hi 800k :+1:


It did only 12 months ago and you are claiming excitement is the same as last year… I will let you away with it if it rates 800k.


I didn’t claim that at all :joy:…you said there hasn’t been that much excitement for it this year :joy:


Anyway will be interesting to see how it goes :+1:


And you claim it’s the same as previous years which would mean it should launch to a similar figure as previous years… anyway I personally don’t think it will launch to the same million mark and I think it will launch to around 600k (which I personally think is good).


I’d previously thought the actor/reality winner/tv host would be Luke Jacobz, but could it be Tim Dormer? I’m not sure about the acting part but he won BB, has done some hosting and is also currently doing the voiceovers for 10 Peach.