I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


How do you know?


These would be my best guesses so far:

2 Politicians - Sam Dastyari / Jacqui Lambie
AFL Champion - Dermott Brereton
Red Carpet Regular - Richard Reid
Celebrity Chef - Justine Schofield
Presenter/Actor/Reality Winner - Johnny Ruffo
Fully Sick Comedian - Tahir Bilgic
Opinionated TV Host - Joe Hildebrand
TV Critics - Angie & Evie (Gogglebox)

Other contenders:

  • Nick Cummins
  • More women?


I very much doubt Nick Cummins will ever do another reality television program again after he publicly shamed The Bachelor.


I wouldn’t have thought the disgusting things they have to do on this show would be good for Johnny Ruffo given his recent health battle. I’d imagine he may still have some kind of compromised immunity that comes from chemo etc …


You’d be surprised what money does to people. In one of the Facebook videos it kind of sounds like him but there’s been no suitable clue linked to him yet.

Quite possibly. If not I’d say Luke Jacobz for the “Presenter/Actor/Reality Winner” clue.


I would put money on Toni Pearen going in to. Daily Telegrah just did a “Where are they now?” article which is always telling.


But they do those all the time.

They had Simone Buchanan on Wednesday and Ally Fowler on Thursday. The jungle will be crowded. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe they’re all going in!?


Here’s my list for 2019.


Wonder if they’ll jet Chris Bath into the jungle to present the news stories and to promo the fact she’s joining 10 and doing the weekend news?


Hmm bit of a misleading heading, don’t you think Kevin?

The celebs who are heading in aren’t really “revealed” when they are actually your guesses.

Not saying your wrong by no means, just saying using the word revealed brings the assumption that the list of celebrities has actually been revealed.


Clue 8 - A Controversial TV Host sounds like Kyle Sandilands.


You know what, you could be onto something.

It could be a deal breaker for Kyle by Trial but also late last year on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, when Beau Ryan left Macquarie Sports Radio they were making fun of him doing AM radio and during the conversation he mentioned that he was dumb but is smart now as he had “signed to KIIS for next year” and as soon as he said that Bruno (the executive producer at the time) and Jackie very quickly changed the subject. And Bruno mentioned “ooo we can’t talk about that yet”.

Would also explain the show returning to air so late this year. (Jan 28 2019)

Allowing Kyle to do I’m a Celeb and not miss much KIIS breakfast.


yeah I wouln’t put it past them. cause he needs more money. why do people keep hiring him? I guess he appeals to their demo audience. bogans.


God help us if Kyle is in the jungle. He was unbearable when he was in The Big Brother house.


It’s certainly looking plausible.


If he went on he would leave after a day. I don’t think it’s him.


It certainly would be interesting TV which is prob what they need. Kyle in jungle with Joe Hilderbrand and Richard Reid! Fireworks!


As much as I think he would be good, I honestly dont think Joe Hilderbrand is going in.


It’s pure SEO parking. Pretty unethical but sadly everyone is doing it because without Google you may as well be dead