I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


Not to mention that he’s contracted to Seven.


Ross Matthews



Very modest, doesn’t want attention, so he retweeted that post three times.


Hope this is Angie & Yvie, I think they would be more fun than Wayne & Tom.


Graeme Blundell and David Knox. Maybe not …


Just to let you guys know I will be in Thailand next week. Not related.


The TVTonight guy or Peter Ford :joy::joy:


Personally I’d be willing to predict that the two “TV critics” might be ex-Goggleboxers, although not necessarily a paring that was seen together on that program.


TV Blackbox can report exclusively THE LOOP host Scott Tweedie has been flown to Africa to front a new sister program to the I’M A CELEBRITY universe - a Big Brother/Friday Night Games re-badge called SATURDAY SCHOOLIES.


I don’t think that was even on last year?


There was only one year of that in 2016, so hasn’t been on air for the last 2 seasons.


Saturday show details confirmed here, which is pretty much the same as outlined on TV Blackbox.


One thing to note, they got the date for the main show’s premiere wrong. It debuts on the 13th of January doesn’t it? Not 19th as it is implied in that article.


Saturday Schoolies premieres on January 19


Yep they changed it. When I first saw the article it says Celebrity launches on Sunday 19th.


Peter Ford is scheduled to appear on Sunrise tomorrow to discuss the Olivia Newton-John fiasco. Does anyone know when the celebs would usually fly out?


I would say this coming weekend.


Dermott Brereton i rekon! :wink:


Joe From Studio 10 is going in.