I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


Sure but they wouldn’t want to be thumped by them either


What about both? no training required for I A C G M O O H…and he could get fit during his time in the jungle… could be interesting continuity and attract a different demo to Dancing


I think you will find dancing will start straight after I’m a celeb. So not really ideal to do both


Do you think they will air two celebrity shows back to back? I thought it would probably be Bachelor in Paradise airing although that would be a big risk to put up against MAFS.


Yeah but they know they aren’t going to smash ratings…


I think it will be a 10-12 week run and air straight after celebrity with changing rooms and Bach in paradise probably with ambulance Australia and Sunday night takeaway.


This is the other short promo they’ve got playing at the moment as well.


There are far too many ads for this show already when it’s still around 6 weeks away.


you watched any of 7 lately?

MKR ads up to pussys bow!


I generally don’t watch 7, so can’t comment but I don’t doubt they’re being played ad nauseam.


6 weeks out is pretty normal.


Latest BIG promo - love the ending “before the tennis” :grin:


I highly doubt Honey Badger will sign up for another reality tv show anytime soon.


Sam Dastiyari for sure. Prob Roxy Jacenko if they paid her enough. wish Tommy Little was doing it but hes busy with a marathon


He finishes the marathon before Christmas I believe. So it doesn’t rule him out at all. I would love to see him on there.


Tommy Little would be great in there IMO



I’ll be using the free month trial of 10 All Access for the Saturday shows. :slight_smile:


Lucky Celeb is only 4 weeks next year, so you can cancel before the free trial ends :wink:


That’s good. They need an extra night to make it all worthwhile given the shorter season, plus it always felt like we missed things with 2-3 days worth of material jammed into 1. I actually think if they are doing Saturday they might as it 7 nights a week like the UK. Just don’t have the hosts on Friday and Saturday. They are competing directly up against sports after all which are on most (if not all) days of the week.