I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


Wasn’t there something a few weeks back about the Saturday night show being exclusive to 10 All Access?


Peter Ford is saying Richard Reid will be going into the jungle. I can definitely see that happening.


Isn’t that a name that’s thrown around every year?


Yep he was definitely mentioned last year


Clues dropping from tomorrow.


how many times do we have to hear that about his name going to the Jungle. Correct me if I am wrong but hasn’t that rumour going on since the introduction of Celebrity Australia


It has to be true eventually. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Peter Ford has said that every single year. His strike rate is horrific.



No clue yet on the show’s Twitter or Instagram.




Is this a clue? A Politician is going in? Well come on we all know who that will be!


Since there’s really nothing much going on during the non-ratings period (I am already bored and it’s only the second week!!), it is always exciting to speculate on who the celebrities are leading to the premiere.


Stalking much or desperate to get a big name politician into this show?


It will be Jackie lambe


@turdall She would be so interesting to watch :joy:…straight to the point and she won’t take crap from anyone!
And she would be so competitive in tucker trials.:boxing_glove:


Couldn’t access the article but I’m assuming this is the reality show they were referring to? Has Cass signsd up to this show?


They reckon its more Dancing with the Stars.


Shes def not a star. You cant bring in these no names to hope a reboot of a show will work!