I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


Good to see 10 ignoring ratings periods. This is what they mean by programming for 50 weeks of the year.


It does tend to drag towards the end, so a shorter season is welcomed.
The UK version goes by very quickly with shorter eps and season leaves you wanting more… unlike the Aus season that by the end I tend to skip and not care missing eps… love JMO, but the schtick does get same same after 4 weeks


Short promo aired tonight during The Project promoting the premiere date of 13th January.

The theme song was a version of ‘Summer Holiday’.





That’s 2 Weeks Earlier than Usually with the Big Bash League.


And this season will also be 2 weeks shorter, lasting 4 weeks rather than 6.


Got to give credit to Ten for starting early. I am so over the so called ‘non-ratings’ period.


But not sure it will do that well considering it will have to compete with the entirety of the Australian Open + the Cricket.


But it’s not up against MKR


Another short promo aired during Jamie Oliver as well.


As it has been said before…not everone watches Tennis or cricket!


Still enough do that it will have an impact on the ratings.


It is alternative viewing for people that don’t want to watch any of those sports…they aren’t looking to beat them.


Samuel Johnson was just on radio in Sydney and dropped a pretty big hint that he is about to sign on for a reality show for next year that will help him raise money for his charity. I’d say we have our first contestant! He actually would be quite entertaining and interesting to watch


Agree, I think he’d be great. Though it might be for Dancing With The Stars instead?


I guess the idea is that Ten don’t have the sports this summer like the other networks, so they need to compete and have something leading into the ratings year. It also gives a head start on the other reality shows. It will either be a relative successful alternative for non-sports fans or it will flop big time. Hard to tell. I just wish they weren’t shortening it to 4 weeks it seems so short. I know they do this in the UK but I’m pretty sure in the UK they also air it 7 nights a week.

There are already strong rumours about cast. I think Rhonda Burchmore and Honey Badger seem almost certain.


I’m thinking Dancing is more likely.


This was my only criticism of the show is that it seemed to drag. The last two weeks of the show were always quite boring. I’m relieved they are shortening the series. Although I think this will be the last season with Big Brother to return in 2020 to launch the year.


Perhaps the shorter length would also convince some celebrities to take part. 4 weeks over summer when most aren’t working anyway.