I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


Nine weeks? That’s longer then usual… surely there isn’t 3 weeks of prep?


Yeah that 9 week stint would include the two weeks of prep. They show goes for roughly over six weeks if you account for the day or two prerecorded start.


Damn. I was kinda hoping the rumour was true of it airing earlier/shorter over Summer (leaving room for something new or BB in Feb).


Not sure if this link will work, it opened from Facebook for me, anyhow the article is all about Jacqui wanting to do reality tv
surely the producers have put out the call to Jacqui Lambie to appear on ■■■■■■■■ Australia…
I tuning she would be a great get, and nothing like the disaster that was the Oldfelds and certainly not as polarisIng



There were rumours about Jacqui appearing last year and it never happened. I would love to see her on it, I think she would be hilarious.



Julia Morris appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain yesterday and there is a campaign to have her hosting the UK version alongside Declan Donnelly.


Is Julia well known in the UK? I know she can be polarising and has had her share of detractors but I actually enjoy watching her. Each to their own I supposed, the same way as I personally could not stand Carrie Bickmore even though she’s Australia’s sweetheart.


JMo lived in the UK for a while but it was a few years ago. Reckon her and Dec would make a great pairing.


She mentioned she lived over there for 7 years on her Good Morning Britain interview.


TV presenter Holly Willoughby will co-host the UK version of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Holly is one of four co-hosts on ITV’s This Morning.


Shame it’s not our Julia, but Holly is a very good option…and very funny



Following a show-stopping appearance on Channel Ten’s Trial By Kyle, Nasser is already lining up his next TV gig.

Nasser’s also rumoured to star on Channel Ten’s I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! next year, indicating that his fifteen minutes of fame are far from over.


Mildly interesting thing: Shane Warne confirmed that he got paid $2 million for I’m A Celeb 2 in his autobiography (I think was reported at the time of the season but it wasn’t confirmed) and that figure was more than the entire budget for paying celebrities for I’m A Celeb 1.


Highly doubtful they recouped this plus profit in ad revenue for the outlay. Silly move.



Herald Sun reports the next season will premiere on January 13, 2019, and will be reduced from six weeks to around four weeks.


Four weeks? Is it even worth the effort given that a chunk of it will go to air in the non-ratings period? I know it’s a shorter season in the UK but this is quite an expensive show to make for such a short period of time.


Personally i am looking forward to the shorter season. And I think we need to start looking past ratings/non ratings.