I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


And Jackie also publicly announced that she would donate some of her own money to her charity. I think that’s gracious.


@Kushaa She is giving $25,000, which is to me a fortune. I know Jackie is a bit kooky and loud but I believe she means well. I like her. I hope people come to realise how much Green and Rowsthorn, by association, were nasty towards her. Would love to see him go tonight.


Well there you go. Peter is a hypocrite. I don’t think I ever saw Jackie mention her ‘Shine it up’ tour tour once on the show. Even if she did it was never in your face. She is just naturally a big personality and always speaks up about things. That’s exactly how she is on Housewives as well.

Exactly which is why I don’t get all the hate. She is a genuine person. Even on Housewives she is the most real of the bunch of girls and always comments about being appreciative of her life and not forgetting where she has come from.

I’m starting to wonder if some of these celebs were jealous of someone like Jackie being on the show as they don’t really rank her as the same calibre of celeb as them or hasn’t had a huge career like them? Or maybe they thought she was a good shot of winning as she kept getting voted into the trials so turned on her? Who knows.

Let’s pray Green goes sooner than later.


You can’t blame them. It’s ridiculous that being on a reality show is a qualification for becoming a “celebrity” on another reality show.


Not sure if that is the story in the Herald Sun, but Fairfax is telly a different one where Nomads was not written for Fiona, but a a script Peter had previously written that might be suitable for adaption to the suit the Brenda/Ron couple that developed in camp by chance.

The experience actually sparked some creative inspiration, Rowsthorn says, with his ‘Ron and Brenda’ antics with campmate Fiona O’Loughlin offering an avenue for potential new work.

"The Ron and Brenda thing’s been a bit of a revelation, just by chance. He says a sketch he’d previously written called Nomads, with himself and comedian Denise Scott in mind, could be easily adapted to a “Ron and Brenda experience”.


Great semi final episode tonight with families in camp. Hope the series comes home and secures another run. It’s the one show my family all watches together and laughs at.


Fiona for the win.


Fingers crossed Fiona wins and her career gets a boost from her appearance. She has been a breath of fresh air.


It’s interesting how viewer votes are up significantly this season, given its rated worse than previous seasons. Finale voting up 40% and voting records broken almost every night leading up to finale.


Just shows you that those voting do not corrospond with the people that have ratings boxes.


Fiona O’Loughlin Is Crowned Queen Of The Jungle

Iconic Comedian Wins I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!


Australia has voted Fiona O’Loughlin as their Queen of the Jungle in tonight’s spectacular Grand Finale of Network Ten’s hit family entertainment sensation I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!.

Over the past six weeks, Australia has fallen in love with Fiona’s honesty and humour. The camp mates were brought to tears on many occasions when Fiona opened up about her struggle with alcohol and recent carbon monoxide poisoning. After overcoming so much, nothing could faze Fiona in the jungle and she proved to be a cherished member of camp.

Fiona formed strong friendships with all of the celebrities, in particular Peter Rowsthorn, who became her on-screen husband through their alter egos Ron and Brenda. Playing the role of a married couple, Ron and Brenda added much needed laughter and entertainment to camp.

During her time in the jungle, Fiona took part in 12 Tucker Trials. She skydived out of a plane on the opening night, leapt from a hot air balloon in the trial Hot Swingers and ate a number of animal body parts and critters in various eating challenges.

On Valentine’s Day, Fiona learnt she will be a grandmother when she received a touching letter from her daughter Tess. She had an emotional reunion with her sister Cate and son Albert when they surprised her in camp yesterday.

Aussie rocker Shannon Noll was voted by Australia as runner-up in tonight’s extravagant Grand Finale and world champion boxer Danny Green took third place earlier in the evening.

Nicknamed the “most Australian bloke ever”, Shannon was a friendly, helpful and likeable camp mate. He participated in 13 trials and was a team player from the start, always supporting his fellow celebrities and helping them conquer their fears.

Around camp, Shannon opened up about his personal life and time in the limelight. He formed friendships with Danny, Peter and Josh Gibson, and was known for lifting moods and spirits by playing his guitar.

Danny entered camp as an intruder in week two and came face-to-face with his long-standing boxing rival, Anthony Mundine. He beat Anthony in the Heavyweight Championship trial and also endured the infamous Viper Room alongside Anthony.

During his time in the jungle, Danny took part in 12 trials and proved himself to be an extremely strong, focussed and determined member of camp. He encouraged his fellow peers and grew close to Peter, Josh, Shannon, and Paul Burrell, who Danny taught to swim and box.

After an emotional 24 hours, Shannon and Danny were ecstatic for Fiona to take the crown and win $100,000 for her chosen charity, Angel Flight.


I can’t see the finale rating more than 750k this year. Which would be a bad result considering the last finale rated 989k.


I doubt the average viewer was voting 40% more this season so it makes you wonder about ratings. Maybe it has a strong regional audience.

At least the right person won. I didn’t know Fiona very well before this show but she was definitely the star of the season. I would have been annoyed if Shannon or Danny won - I feel they didn’t contribute very much to the season (or in Danny’s case when he did I found him fake or didn’t like him).


Weren’t they counting votes from social media posts using the hashtag? Is that different from last year?


They haven’t done that since series one.


No. The hashtag voting is just for tucker trials. All eliminations are phone voting (as a % of each vote goes to the contestants charity).


Seems Celebrity will be back in 2019 based on this…

"I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! performed very well for Ten in early 2018 in our core target market and it will be back in 2019”


I think it was wise to give it one more go but it does need to be properly assessed at the end of the next season - especially if it rates anything like last season. The cast were terrible last season.


According to today’s Herald Sun, Julia Morris said on Ten’s Pilot Week launch on Tuesday night that she would do another nine-week stint overseas next year for I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.


Yep this has already been confirmed by Beverely a few weeks ago as posted above.