I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


It’s not only the UK that films in Australia. The German version also uses that set. In fact the German version was being filmed in Australia this year at the same as the Australian version in South Africa.


All previous seasons rated much better. Before this season it had only fallen below 600k 5 times. This year 15 out of the 27 episodes have fallen below 600k. Last year the lowest it rated was 662k.


so basically its doing woefully this season, and bear in mind there has been no simulcast since the grand final of season 1, where it was shown on Ten, One and 11 simultaneously.


It was rating alright until the Winter Olympics started. But the ratings have not recovered since then.

On a different topic I didn’t expect the person that left tonight to go. I thought they would have been in the finale.


It’s because of MAFS. Is that airing earlier than last year?


People who watch this show would know why this person was voted out.


I have been a fan of Julia since Season 1 but I am surprised that she didn’t bring this up after the elimination. “Unacceptable way to speak about women: - yeah right::(:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Probably did not want to mention it because that kind of negativity is exactly why people have tuned out this year.


IS she still sexually harassing Doctor Chris too?


If she feels strongly about this and genuinely wants to stand up for her gender, then she should have raised it. And I am sure Ten network would have aired it.

But, I did find her ‘spitting out champagne’ act funny tonight. She should stick to comedy.


Oh FFS. Give up with the man-whinging.

When men have been sexualised and objectified by women for Millenia, come back to us.


So it’s funny when it happens to men but not women?


That’s not what I’m saying at all.

Men don’t have the issue of not being taken seriously in the first instance. Good looking men are trustworthy etc. Good looking women are often presumed to be bimbos. Women are “not as funny”, “not as smart” etc.

You can’t draw a direct parallel between Julia’s jokes about Chris (which he is obviously in on) and jokes about women’s looks.

It’s funny because it’s the inverse of what has been put up with for so long.


Funny for some but serious for others.


I think we’ve got a bit off-topic here. All these stemmed from Julia making a big deal about the 'shit face ’ comment all about women when it was about an individual or a fellow contestant ( at least that’s how I see it). And she did not say a word when the perpetrator was in front of her. So much for fighting for women’s rights.
Danny said he has met the most unintelligent PERSON in the jungle and that didn’t cause as much uproar. Because it was about that person, not gender specific.
Women have advanced and come a long way and I’m happy for them. Of course there’s still much progress to be made. What about the minority groups such as gays, non Anglo Saxon, etc. There are other issues in the world that affect other minority groups that’s not always about women. Spare a thought for these minority groups. I hate politics…grrrrr


Was she very vocal about Mundine? I haven’t been watching this season cause the celebs suck.


Yes she was. She made no secret of the fact she disliked him. Same with Tomic. But as with Peter, she didn’t say anything directly to Mundine.

She didn’t need to do the whole feminism routine tonight but she should have asked Peter what his issue with Jackie is.


Yeah I thought most seasons it usually was sitting not much better than in the 600ks. Although last year peaked at some of it’s best ratings when Keira came in and this season slumped to some of it’s lowest ratings when the Oympics start / Mundine quit so might be raising some questions of it’s future. I still think there is potential for the show but they need to shake up the format a bit.

I am not surprised at all. Like I mentioned previously I was surprised that he wasn’t one of the first boots as I personally don’t think he added a lot to the show. Plus some comments that aired from him in this weeks episode probably put some of his fans off.

I didn’t see the ep but I’m surprised they didn’t touch on that, although they try and keep the post interviews more positive for the contestants rather than grilling them.

I am still surprised that Vicki and Simone are there but simply because they are I would love to see them get to the end. Vicki must have really resonated with viewers because I think the majority of Australian’s would not have known her.


When you are getting beat by a cheap clip show like 20 to 1 you know something is wrong.



I know the Herald Sun is behind a paywall and the above link may not work. Basically it is about Peter Rowsthorn apologizing for calling Jackie sh*tface. His explanation was that she is a big personality and he knew from the start that she was only in the jungle to promote herself. The article then goes on to describe how he has written something called “Nomads” starring himself and Fiona as Brenda and Ron. So I’d like to know who was in the jungle promoting themselves? I feel annoyed that I actually found Brenda and Ron amusing! Blatant self promotion Peter and Fiona. I hope she goes tonight. They are also doing a comedy tour together. Neither of them imo are very nice people. I failed to see what Jackie was promoting. There was a lot of talk about her being a psychic but mainly from others trying to put her down. Hope the winner comes from Simone, Vicki or Shannon. The other two don’t deserve it for their bitchiness.