I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!


Well I’m pretty much over this season now. Two people that I would have loved to see at make it towards the end (Josh and Jackie) go back to back. I really don’t understand how people like Peter and Shannon Noll are still there… they’ve added nothing to the show. I keep forgetting that Shannon Noll is even on it at times. Danny as well is so damn boring and full of himself. It puts me off completely wanting to watch this knowing he is probably a contender to win now. I only really like Vicki and Fiona of the remaining and I doubt Vicki has any real chance of winning.


Dummy spit? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Peter probably has shot himself in the foot with that comment about Jackie. I was surprised that he’d say something like that. Maybe it’s due to ‘creative editing’ but I didn’t think Danny Green was that horrible. Arrogant - yes.

Personally, I’d like to see Simone win just to stick it to the haters that supermodel can win. She’s impressed me based on her participation in the challenges. And she stands up for herself in the jungle and not afraid to voice her opinions.

And as funny as Vicki is, I can’t stand her.


Couldn’t agree more, I’d love for Simone to take it out. She has been fantastic.


Really are you watching the same show? Peter has been highly entertaining


I agree in regards to Shannon who has been an absolute snoozefest and impossible to understand. However, Peter has been highly entertaining, especially with Fiona. Ron & Brenda have been one of the best things during the past four seasons. A lot of his pieces to camera in the tok-tok have been amusing. His recent comments about Jackie have certainly been a negative.

I thought Josh and Jackie would have certainly outlasted Vicki, Shannon, Simone and Danny.


I think Simone will be the next one out.


Yup but there’s only a few episodes left and I have plans the next couple of nights anyway. So not gonna bother catching up on the episodes if people I like are gone. I’ll still watch the finale.

Who knows anymore. I thought that Simone and Vicki would have both gone the last two votes. I’m not a fan of Simone but I would rather her towards the end than most of the people there.


Hoping Fiona or Peter win both have been so entertaining to watch.But mainly just hope their careers get back on track now, both still have so much to offer audiences.


sorry, what did Simone say about Danny? Why doesn’t it work both ways? what did he even say anyway? it was bleeped.


TV Tonight says:


omg. its Australian colloquialism, like there’s sour face.


The issue has been more around Green talking crap behind Jackie’s back to other contestants and them telling her. The last week he has pretty much totally ignored her. She said on her exit interview she found him very intimidating and didn’t know why he had an issue with her.


because they come from different worlds?


Thats still no reason to give someone the cold shoulder and keep talking about them behind their back. You could at least try to remain civil.


Danny said Jackie was talking to him then she went silent but Danny doesn’t know what he did? Which is understandable men usually do stupid things and then women give them the silent treatment so they have to come crawling asking whats wrong but Danny is not married to her.


Surely this will be the last season. It can’t be cost effective for them and they must have made a loss on it ?


Hasn’t it been getting roughly the same poor ratings every year?


I’d imagine so. Surely CBS won’t be keen to invest so much money into a program that has only had rather mediocre ratings.

The casting was all wrong this season. Far too many unlikeable celebs. Ten thought Mundine v Green was casting gold. Instead it turned a lot of viewers off. The Oldfields did the same.


Why don’t they just bring costs down a bit and do it in Australia using the set that the UK version does? Does it really add that much value that it is in a overseas jungle? We have plenty of critters, snakes and spiders for the trials. Might be a significant way to bring costs down and keep the show on air