I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!



I don’t believe that for a second. Across all of the seasons the ones who are “It could be you” are always the ones who go not long after and the ones that are never told that always make it far. I think they mean in no particular order meaning out of the others that aren’t eliminated we don’t know which was the second lowest or third lowest votes.


It doesnt read that way from the answer the producer gave. I for one doubt that Peter was in the bottom three last night.


haha I swear that we had this exact same discussion last season. I think it’s just assumed and the producers are going to word it in a way to say not always the case, but it really is. It’s just too coincidental with the voting trends across the seasons and peoples names that come up. How come the people that make it far or to the end are never are the “it could be you” person yet you can almost always predict who is close to going (and then eventually goes) based on it as well? And why would they keep picking the same people to scrape on the bottom (like Lisa did for a couple of votes and now Vicky) if it wasn’t them? Wouldn’t it make it more exciting to bring up popular names like Josh or Danny or Fiona to make it more intense? Yet they have never done that and they are clearly contenders to win.

I definitely am not surprised if Peter was close to going. I thought he might in fact be an earlier boot on this show. I don’t think he is that popular to be honest amongst the shows audience. He hasn’t added a heap to the show either. I reckon he or Vicky are probably going tonight. Let’s see.


Peter is pretty popular. He got the most votes by far when people voted for who they wanted to be the new camp leader. But as long as Shannon, Danny or Josh dont win I’m all good.


The person that went tonight proves my point that the announced bottom three is not the actual bottom three as the person that left has never been in the bottom three as far as I know.


No. Josh did.


Totally agree not my favourites either all way to cocky for my liking. The boys club needs to be disbanded.


Tonight was a shock elimination and a one off anomaly. 90% of the time its pretty consistant… and even Josh referenced it tonight in his post interview that it was his “first time in bottom 3”.


Yes, Josh mentioned tonight it was the first time he was in the bottom three.

I still maintain the best thing about this series has been Edge of the Jungle


In addition, there is nothing that guarantees celebs will stay at the bottom; it’s possible that fans of the two who weren’t eliminated will vote more the next day while fans of others become complacent.


Which is exactly what happened. We’ve had the same consistent people on the bottom pretty much and no real surprises with eliminations, so obviously those people who felt at risk got a boost last night and it resulted in a surprise elimination.

Ugh I really can’t stand Danny Green on this show. He is just boring and now coming across as very arrogant. Would love to see him get the chop soon.


Julia made reference of Rikki-Lee, referring back to her ‘shock’ elimination on Australian Idol all those years ago.

The sceptic in me wonders if perhaps they’ve evicted Josh in the hope that people vote more, rather than becoming complacent that their favourite will be there until the end. With ratings down this year no doubt the number of votes will be down too, meaning less revenue.


I highly doubt it. Removing a popular contestant is not going to boost ratings, the best shot at ratings is having the popular contestants at the end. They only mentioned it as a shock elimination 15-20 mins before he left.


It is illegal to rig publically voted results. They also only announced that it was a shock result about 20 minutes before the show ended. You would have a point if they advertised that it was a shock result in the promos leading up to the show but they didnt.


@Chris Couldn’t agree more about Danny Green. Arrogant and rude. I keep thinking Jackie is going every night but she’s hanging in there. Go Jackie, Vicki and Simone.


People like Simone and Jackie probably initially were lesser knowns to the general public but their fanbases would be pretty passionate and consistently supportive of them which helps. Plus Jackie has dominated airtime - her husbands tactic of campaigning for her to be in most tucker trials (to give her more airtime) has probably helped her. Hopefully her fans don’t become too confident because she’s been doing so well.


Going by the comments on the Facebook page Danny will take this out. Everyone there seems to love him. I really don’t get where this love for Danny is coming from. To me he comes off as arrogant and like he thinks that he’s got this game already won.


Fiona is so deserving, I hope she wins.


Maybe not, after his comments are getting scrutinised now.