Australian Radio Network’s (ARN) iHeartRadio platform has put together the ultimate playlist for Australia Day – the iHeartAustralia Countdown.

The countdown has been compiled from music fans across the country voting for their favourite Aussie tracks.

Whether you are playing backyard cricket with your mates, relaxing at the beach or barbecuing up a storm with family, the iHeartAustralia Countdown has you covered this Australia Day.

iHeartRadio Australia’s content director Brett “Nozz” Nossiter said he was excited to see which song listeners choose to put on the Australia Day Countdown.

“This is not just your favourite songs from this year, it’s the ultimate, comprehensive Australia Day countdown – you’d be a galah not to listen in,” he said.

Can’t wait for the countdown? No worries, you can listen to iHeartAustralia station now.

The countdown will be streamed on the iHeartAustralia station on January 26 and will also be broadcast on Gold FM in Melbourne and 96FM in Perth.

iHeartRadio will stream the Top 100 Countdown from 9am on January 26 and will keep streaming the countdown through to the weekend.

Gold 104.3 FM in Melbourne will broadcast the Top 100 from 7am while 96FM in Perth will broadcast the Top 96 countdown from 9am.

iHeartRadio Australia is gearing up for two huge iHeartRadio Australia Live events in March – KIIS Presents iHeartRadio Live’s 90s Mania Party and The Edge Presents iHeartRadio Live with G-Eazy – powered by Optus at The X Studio.

The announcement comes as The X Studio in Kings Cross is named the official Sydney home venue for iHeartRadio Australia Live events.

The X Studio creator and CEO Ron Creevey said: “We are extremely excited to partner with the team at iHeartRadio Australia for the next two years and look forward to creating many memorable live music events, something that the people of Sydney deserve.”

The 90s Mania Party will be held on Wednesday 9 March and features 90s dance favourites SNAP, Corona, and C + C Music Factory.

This event comes hot on the heels of the relaunch of the iHeartRadio 90s station where listeners can hear all their favourite music of the decade and catch special interviews and takeovers with 90s Mania Party artists. Interviews will also be aired on the iHeartRadio Countdown station and KIIS 1065.

Tonight (Wednesday March 2), lovers of hip-hop can get up close with rising star G-Eazy where he will perform a special, intimate iHeartRadio Live gig for just 30 lucky guests at The X Studio.

The Edge Presents iHeartRadio Live with G-Eazy Powered by Optus is an exclusive live event hosted by The Edge 96.ONE’s breakfast duo Mike E and Emma and will include an audience Q&A with G-Eazy and a meet and greet for some lucky guests.

Head of iHeartRadio Australia Geraint Davies said: “The beauty of iHeartRadio is we cover every musical genre under the sun as this announcement demonstrates. We don’t just want to stream music, we want to enable listeners to experience the music they love live. Thanks to the support of our FM brands and Optus we will have at least one of these money-can’t-buy music events for lucky winners each month across 2016. iHeartRadio Live events both here in Australia and in the USA offer the best and most diverse live musical series on the planet.”

I’ve just noticed that ABC Grandstand, NewsRadio, RN, triple j, triple j Unearthed and Double J are now streaming on have been added to the iHeartRadio directory.

When they begin streaming, they’ll add to the ARN and SBS suite of stations, plus MRN’s Magic and News/Talk stations already available on platform.

And now they’ve been switched on - story via Radio Today.

From the ACE Radio thread:

Is the iHeart Countdown a nightly countdown that’s also on The Edge in Sydney?

Would be smart to shift it to KIIS to go head to head with Hit30.

There’s three different shows, or at least were

Well that’s original…



What Australians really need for their Alternative and New Hard Rock needs is a Station that Plays Both of Them like The Alt Project and Rock Nation in the US do.

4kq is a lot better than wsfm. Just tuning in iHeartRadio. Feel like I hear more unusual songs. Wish wsfm had a similar playlist.

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For the past couple of days I’ve been unable to stream any of the Australian stations on iHeartRadio​, I click on the station and it opens but nothing happens. The USA and NZ stations are all streaming fine.

I got a notification from the iHeartRadio app this morning that the Splendor in the Grass performers were about to be announced on Triple J so I clicked on the link but Triple J wouldn’t play. I wonder if ARN, ABC and MMN check if the streams are working?

There is a recent new version of the iHeart app - perhaps you could try the update. If you installed the update did you delete the original app?

I just checked a couple of Oz stations and they were fine.

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Ok, thanks. I’ve got the latest version, so I might trying uninstalling it then installing it again.

Edit: That worked brilliantly!

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I’ve still been having problems with the iHeartRadio app with some stations not available. It’s happened again today with no US stations. I’m on Optus and it’s supposed to be data free. Today I connected to a Telstra WiFi network and the US stations on iHeartRadio played fine, but as soon as I switched back to Optus 4G the US station I was listening to stopped and now no US stations are available. I’ll be complaining to Optus.

If a service that big can fail, what about the little ones?

From Radioinfo:

ARN has launched interactive advertising technology ‘ShakeMe’ across iHeartRadio, via an audio ad format launched in December last year by Californian tech company AdsWizz.

When listeners hear a ShakeMe advertisement – with a tailored call to action - they will be able to shake their device which will either trigger a phone call, download a coupon or open a landing when they next unlock their phone.

Read more at: https://www.radioinfo.com.au/news/arn-launches-interactive-audio-advertising-iheart-digital-music-service

What happens if I shake my Moto to turn on the camera and instead the phone calls some iHeartRadio advertiser! Hopefully there is an opt out.