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If iHeartMedia was only $20 million in debt there would be no problem. Radio Today gets it wrong again! iHeartMedia is actually $20 billion in debt.


I heart media looks as though they are advertising 2GB, 3AW, 4BC, 6PR & Macquarue sports radio tpo gain 3AW & 2GB & 3aw some arn listeners while gaining 4bc& 6pr & macquarue sports radio the rest of the RAN listeners


iHeartRadio has been sending out promos for the then Fairfax now Macquarie stations for a few years. Nothing has really changed from my observations.


I was listening to the NZ 80s channel driving to Sydney on the weekend and around Mittagong I was surprised to hear an ad for the Wollongong Telstra Shop in amongst the couple of NZ commercials. So it appears to me that iHeartRadio are sending out targeted advertising.


Have done for a while. I listen to Coast from NZ and during ad breaks I get local ads to wherever I am.



Wow, V is still going? Ditched it long ago, atrociously amateurish programming.


From Radioinfo:

iHeartRadio Australia have launched the iHeartRadio app on Telstra TV devices across Australia.

The new partnership gives Telstra TV customers unlimited access to the free iHeartRadio service, featuring live radio stations from across Australia including ARN’s KIIS and Gold Networks, ABC and SBS, Macquarie Media, Kinderling and the ACE Radio network.

Read more at: https://www.radioinfo.com.au/news/iheart-move-telstra-tv


The Ron Burgundy Podcast. It’s getting good reviews.