ACE Radio (Regional)

6 of 12 AM stations on ACE Radio across Victoria are simulcasting 3AW’s coverage of Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal for the first time today.

The FM network was also at the Exhibition Centre beside 3AW broadcasting live across the day.

1089 3WM and I think 981 3HA have now both dropped Tom Elliott a couple of weeks ago for Local drive shows. He didn’t last long, Good move in my view. I hope for people in Gippland that they do similar on 1242

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Are they local talk based drive shows or music?

from what I heard today its mostly music

The network’s 13 radio stations will soon be available on the iHeartRadio platform, reports Radio Today. In addition, the Mixx FM stations, Coast FM and TRFM will produce and air The iHeartRadio Thumbs Up Countdown, beginning Monday.

^ All online now, grouped with the Melbourne stations.

Radioinfo reports former Victorian Premier and local MP Denis Napthine will host a new talkback show on 3YB called The Great South Coast today. It will air each Friday between midday and 1pm from August 5.

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Must be a slow news day. Nine News Melbourne is reporting this as new… today.

didnt Talia work for the previous Liberal state government? Bit odd having him report on his old employer.

You haven’t seen Ben Murphy at 7 in Brisbane then?

An ‘exclusive interview’ with Nicole Kidman on The Morning Rush. It goes for about 1 second!

Looks like a partial re-brand back to Gold 1242 is taking place in Gippsland. There is still some on-air presentation using the “Gippsland’s 1242” tag although the website and other IDs are using Gold 1242.
Coinciding with this is the networked breakfast show “Morning Rush” now being broadcast into Gippsland.


Are they back to music? I remember heading out that way and listening to GOLD had some solid music

their schedule looks just like a direct relay of 3AW for 3/4 of the day

That is true for most ACE AM stations across VIC. I can say the same for 2BS in Bathurst & 2LT in Lithgow (both independently-owned AM stations), as well as for 2CC in Canberra, who are pretty much a direct relay of 2GB for 3/4 of the day.

Improvements made at AM 1242 because experienced new GM, David McDonald is breathing fresh air into the place.


The article also revealed that 3YB in Warrnambool will be moving to FM at the end of 2018 as part of the AM-FM conversion program for regional commercial AM stations in solus markets, swapping frequencies with Vision Radio Australia, which currently broadcasts on 100.9FM.


Where did you find the bit about 3YB swapping with Vision?

It’s in the article. :slight_smile: