If you could create the perfect radio station...


So I was like if I was to create the perfect station what would I do and I came up with this for myself:

Starter 108 - The BEAT Of Sydney (http://starterfm.com)
A dance music and uptempo style station without ads just continues music with a small amount of specialist music and programs.

Still working on it so up for any suggestions.


If you could create a radio station that was perfect for you would would it sound like?
I live in Sydney and I would love a station that:

  • played music from the 80s to now. It would focus on the hits that do not get played on smooth or WSFM (such as Kajagoogoo, Duran Duran, Jamiroquai) and the more upbeat music from now. There would be little repetition of the older hits and I would be constantly surprised at the 80s and 90s music that was played.
  • Would be local 24/7
  • Would have 60 second news updates on the hour (as I get most of my news from smh.com.au and the ABC)
  • Would have local DJs (both male and female) 24/7
  • Would focus on playing music 24/7 - including at breakfast and at drive
  • Would give me local information about Sydney including weather, sport and events that were happening in my city
    This sort of station would get me tuning back to radio and away from Spotify and youtube (which I now prefer to watch when I hit the gym).
    I know this is never going to happen but it would be my dream station.

Random Radio

That would be my kind of station too.


Make sure they play rare tracks. From 60s to today. The other important angle is the DJs. They need to be interested in music and in control of some of the songs too. Also live and local and unique. A slight different spin on the music depending on the DJ. We lack this today in commercial radio.


Imagine a radio station that did give the DJs some say over the music they played. It would really get people to connect and engage to a particular DJ. There would be an issue with the coherence of the station but it would sure “sound different”.

Commercial radio would never dare do this anymore. But I would love it.


It already happens, and it’s called community radio!


True but in my experience most community radio hosts have horrific taste. :slight_smile:


My perfect station is easy.

FM104 circa 1983 - 1988.

Wouldn’t change anything.


Listen to The Sound from NZ.


If I was to create the perfect radio station, I will ensure it has presence in every state and territory in Australia like the ABC, and will have the drive and evening programs broadcast live across the country, so that audience everywhere can call in and share their views. In WA, drive shows on Hit and Nova networks are broadcast on 2 hour delay (3 hour delay during daylight savings in south eastern states).


My perfect music stations that existed in Sydney would include:

  • 2SM: More Music, The Power, Rock of the 80s and Hot Hits from 1982 - 1988. Smashing out the CHR music 24/7 and all local. DJs that you knew and high energy all the time
  • Triple M from 1990 - 1992 when the Rock of the 90s and Rock in the Summer Time played a wide variety of new and older music
  • 2DayFM around 1996 - 1999. Loved the Morning Crew with Wendy Harmer and Peter Moon. At 5pm every afternoon they had “Home Free” at 5pm with 1 hour of non stop music on the way home
  • Nova in 2001 - 2003. They were playing dance music and 12 inch mixes that commercial radio had avoided since 2SM died in 1988.
    Today there are five commercial FM music stations in Sydney (as Triple M is a talk station). None really suit me. I switch between Nova, KIIS, Smooth, 2DayFM and WS for a song I like.


Good list.

I agree on 2SM during that period.

Similarly I loved Radio 10/Stereo 10 Brisbane during the mid-80s in their Hot Hits format. As you say, non stop Top 40 during a time when most Top 40 hits were absolute winners - how could they go wrong!

I never realised at the time how fortunate I was to be able to flick between FM104 and Stereo 10. What a time!


Totally agree. I thought good radio was here forever.


So did I.


I would go further, 24/7 of them. Would get me in that real chirpy disco mood all the time.


Sorry but it would put me on suicide watch :slight_smile:


My ideal/perfect radio station would either be nothing new. It would just be Triple M Classic Rock on the AM dial or Classic Rock Radio 1377 AM back on air!


Caralis has been a bloody cancer on the radio industry.He should’ve stuck to fruit shops.

Here’s a fantasy idea. 2HD to be sold to Macquarie, would keep a local breakfast show and drive. What you’d do with New FM? Blowed if I know I’m open to suggestions


I think the successes of Star 104.5 on the Central Coast and Hot Tomato on the Gold Coast against the local SCA duo would be a good place to start when looking at what NEW should do.

AM and FM DX

new should go back to being rock take triplem metro log

AM and FM DX