If you could create the perfect radio station...

Let’s be a little bit creative.

If you could create the perfect radio station, what would it contain? You can pick components from various stations and mix them together.

In my case, I listen to Nova, KIIS and Fox (Hit), so my station will contain aspects from these stations.

Based on my listening preferences,
Morning block: Chrissie, Sam and Browny
Drive: Hughesy and Kate
Nights: Smallzy’s Surgery
Daytime: LOCAL announcers (!!)

I’d preferably use the music played on Fox, especially their RnB Fridays and weekend 90s/00s, however spread these out through various days of the week.

Great thread.

I’d bring back the 2UE lineup from their heyday.

Jones, Laws, Stanley, Carlton, Bosley, Zemanek, Kerr.

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I know it’s not very creative, but for me it’s easy.
FM104 from 1983 to 1988 would be my perfect station. Absolutely perfect, wouldn’t change a single thing.


Fore it would be the fresh hits of Nova with a wider playlist so the same tracks aren’t replayed ever two hours. Play new music outside the top 40.

Get rid of all those mouldy oldie throwbacks and just have recent hits from the last few years. More alternative, rock and album tracks from top selling artists.

Have more stories in the news bulletin that run more than 20 or 30 seconds and drop the onligatory entertainment story passing as news unless it is big news. The entertainment stuff should be contained in a separate brief bulletin, once an hour.

One with Modern Rock

6am Brekky: Kyle & Jackio O (2008-2011)
9am Mornings: Dave Thornton & Tommy Little
12pm Arvos: Jonesy & Amanda
3pm Drive: Meshel, Tim & Marty
6pm Nights: Hot 30 Countdown (with Tim Lee & Biggsy)
9pm Late: Late Night with Alice Cooper
12am Early: Local young guns

6am Brekky: Tom, Matt & Alex
9am Mornings: Hamish & Andy
12pm Arvos: Local Programming (Perth would get The Bunch)
3pm Drive: Local Programming (Perth would get The Big Couch)
6pm Nights: Party People
9pm Late: Diplo & Friends
12am Early: Local young guns


For me it would music from 60s to today but literally all genres of music, smooth, 2ch music, triple m, wsfm, alternative music and experiment with some new music. Have DJs that’s like the music they play, talk about the songs the play, plus mostly live and local. Not too much talk unless it’s about music or what’s happening locally. Maybe the DJs can play a selection of songs they like, it almost like a community station but in the commercial world.Give some programming right to the DJs. The exception is they would be almost always a music station 24 hours.

My sports station would have cricket from overseas playing on the BBC and any other English service where makes sense. Also rugby league shows. The main focus would be live coverage of as much sport as possible. Taking coverage from BBC, radio sports NZ and Radio 2000. Could cover rugby, soccer etc . The priority would be cricket and Rugby League though…

My talk station would bring back 2ue with Clive Robertson, John Cadogan, John and Gary, George and Paul, Mike Jefferies, Spoonman etc. Market it better and bring back better talkback. 2gb has less talkback these days.


For me, it has

  • To be on FM (at 100.1 MHz or higher) at high power with state of the art processing to deliver the best sound quality possible.
  • Music would be predominantly 80s to now (occasional 60s/70s) with a good blend of pop and rock, but no RnB, techno, or rap
  • Live and Local Announcers that are intelligent and talk about the music, and local cultural events
  • No sport coverage (that’s what the ABC is for!).
  • If DAB is available, it would be simulcast at 256 Kbps
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ditto but with EON FM in Melbourne, plus some of the edgier rock tracks the Rebel plays.


FM station:

Local, local, local. Except maybe drive, everything else would need to be local - including nights. Perfect chance to get up and comings airtime. Plus drive needs to be 4-7pm at least, not this 4-6 silliness. Nights 7-midnight. Music focus would be hit music with trending music, songs people are loving online already but radio is always super slow to play.

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I remember loving FM104 back in the day - it was indeed a ‘complete’ radio station… a ‘big’ station where everything was just so professional and well produced…

While I yearned for competition on the FM band… indeed we weren’t spoilt for choice… in comparison to what we have these days, we were certainly spoilt for quality.


It’s a similar story here in Newcastle.

The quality out of NEW FM in its early years is the kind of stuff that today’s NEW FM can only DREAM about.
You wouldn’t believe that it could possibly be the same station.

Ah, this old chestnut again. This is an exercise in idealism, much like philosophical debate. With this in mind, I prefer to join the group of posters with a point of reference in the real world. The current online iteration of Radio Caroline comes very close to my ideal station: a broad album rock format spanning from the 60s to today. Right now, they’re playing Manic Street Preachers “If You Tolerate This…” right after the full version of “Freebird”. Absolute perfection there. I’d add a few Australian tracks to the mix of course, as well as the occasional foray into other genres such as electronica and funk/soul.

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If I could have one where I could meld together the playlists of KO-FM and 2NUR FM with my daily dose of Ray Hadley I’d be laughing, But playlist wise there would obviously be stuff I’d want removed but still.
I’d also want footy at weekends and cricket over summer

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so true about new fm dont understand why they dont go back that way they rated well compared to the crap they do now

$$$$ I think.

I don’t think Bill Caralis is prepared to spend the money needed to challenge KO and H!t

With the playlist of KIIS 1065

5:30am Kyle and Jackie O
9:00 Michael Christian
11am Greg Burns
1pm Ellie Angel
3pm Hamish and Andy
5pm Kate, Tim and Marty
7pm Chrissie, Sam and Browny
9pm Bree and Gawndy

Nova as it used to be ‘when it was cool’ (does that make me sound old? :wink: )

No more than 2 ads in a row, wide playlist, new stuff and stuff that was a bit more alt…
Announcers that had fun with themselves and callers

Breakfast: The Chris Moyles Show (UK)
Drive: Kate, Tim & Marty
Nights: Kevin & Bean (US)
Late nights: Nights w/Alice Cooper


I agree with all that except the overseas announcers. I like Fitzy & Wippa and Smallzy.

Or spend the money required to run 2 different formats on FM.

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