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Hamster been eating too much?



Don’t tempt me with a good time.

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Van Halen today: lots of jumping around…

Why was the ratings thread for September 13 locked?

This would be why.


The latest version of Discourse has added reactions - I’ve left it turned on as a trial for the moment, but if we don’t think it will work we’ll switch it off.

Also, a heads up - the hamburger menu (the one with three lines at the top of each page) is changing in the next upgrade


I did prefer reactions when we used them a few years ago. Will be interesting to see how they work now.


Used appropriately there is definitely a benefit to them - but it shouldn’t replace the need to post your thoughts :wink:

We can tweak the emojis used as well


Certainly was a tricky topic…

On another note, does the site delete likes (like e.g., TikTok)? Sometimes I go on thread dives for something or another and there are posts I 100% would have liked (amongst ones I have liked) and I’m wondering if the site does remove them after a while (I would say this would only be an issue for myself given the below statistic :joy: :wink:)?

In a post Discourse world, what could MediaSpy look like?

I’m thinking one where it generates “feeds” based on hash tags that you select that suits your interests eg #9news or #afl… And when you make a post, you select one or more hashtags that you think it applies to and anyone who selects that tag in their feed would see it …

Would help to eliminate seeing the same content in different threads. Pro and cons i guess…as I do like looking at stuff occasionally that I wouldn’t necessarily look at all the time though.


Wouldn’t you end up doing multiple hashtags depending on posts, thereby increase posting time which makes the experience poorer? Some posts you could make half a dozen tags, and how would tag mis-spellings work with it?

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I’d be thinking you wouldn’t need any more than 3 tags at the most for any one post?

And that the tags would come from a defined list… members/mods could add a new tag for eg a new TV show and would populate from that list as you type them… a bit like when you tag a member with the @ symbol.


You don’t have to add the hashtags to the post if you don’t want to. There are forums around now with this function. Like Radiohead said you just add the best three it just makes it easier to find.


Just having issues when browsing this forum on my laptop. When I come on the first time today, most of the content is displayed in Arial. But when I return minutes later, the content is now shown in Times New Roman. Is there anyway I can change the font?

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