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Am I the only one with extreme hatred of sites that leave the bar at the top as you scroll down?

Haven’t used a site based on discourse before - but if it makes it useful on mobile, then that’s enough of an improvement.


Test post from the artist formerly known as Kevizz.

I dont mind it to be honest - I dont think it’s something we can get rid of though

Functionality-wise this seems like a huge improvement. Unread notifications are great.

Seems to be down just to the ‘position:fixed’ applied to the “.docked .d-header” element.

Are multiple styles an option with discourse?

Just tried it on my mobile phone, it works perfectly on there, fits the screen and no issues on mobile, that alone makes the change worth it.

I can’t seem to reply to a user - but reply generally.

The miscellaneous category (‘Extra’) has been added in, @AlanCramer

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It would be great if our post counts could be carried across for existing members.


Not sure about the multiple styles - i’ll look into it

Won’t happen, sorry - post counts is not something that Discourse really supports

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You can reply by hitting the reply button on the individual post or ‘@’ their username @MarkHD

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@bacco007 - it says I’m sending to you, but unless I put the “@” in, it doesn’t address it to you personally.

No worries, love the new format. :+1:

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it also doesn’t seem to allow me to quote users posts. :confused:

Hmm, interesting

Select the text you want to quote and a box comes up saying “Quote Reply”


So this is 10x harder to navigate.

In what way? we’ve set the default view to categories to make it more like the old site, that makes the navigation similar too

a ha!

Thanks Bacco. :smiley: