Love this show, but they definitely need to shake it up a little.

Much like Ambulance changed up their filming location, I think it would be great if Hunted could film in another state (even Sydney) to change up the landscape and be a bit less repetitive.

Are they showing the same VIC locations each season?

I recall 10/Endemol have a deal with the Vic Government and selected councils which dictate where they go, so yes, locations will be fairly similar each season.

Victoria are known for throwing a bit of cash and support around for TV projects. The Block is also well looked after. Other states generally not as keen or accommodating.

I did hear also however they had some filming challenges in the Melbourne CBD last time, I understand they upset a few parties and it didn’t all go to plan as such, which would explain the Geelong launch.

I’ve heard it’s easier to film in Melbourne for this kind of show.

tbh… I would choose Queensland as the next location. A tropical setting.


Tasmania would be good - less public transport to make it more interesting. The original series of The Mole was filmed here too and did lead to quite a bit of tourism and extra interest so not surprised if Victoria have done a deal to make things easier for them to film there for the benefits.

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Always thought with a UK version it would be interesting to have the “Hunters” have to rely on more old school detective skills rather than modern surveilance technology.


From my understanding, the show heavily relies on CCTV camera footage through metro and public transportation networks.

Not sure this would work in Tasmania or very rural areas.

Spot on, it wouldn’t work in SA either as it has no country rail.

VIC is perfect for this show as it has good train network, easy to move around etc.

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They will go where the funds are thrown at them. Likely the difference between the show being profitable or not, purely on grants, loans and subsidies etc from the respective governments.

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It must have been a tough week for the teams given Victoria had three days of extremely hot weather including today.


Has anyone managed to find photos of this season’s teams on social media?

Last year during the filming, people posted photos on behalf of the teams on Instagram, in order to taunt the hunters. These photos had the huntedau hashtag.

All I’ve seen is the official social media pages putting up posts looking for information with pictures of the contestants. They either remove them not long after posting, or they are sponsored posts, because I can’t see them now.

Season 7 of the UK version is available now on 10 play.

UK trade journal Broadcast reports Channel 4 has delayed its decision on whether to renew the UK version for the eighth season.

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In an interview with Mediaweek, Paramount ANZ senior vice president of content and programming Daniel Monaghan has revealed season three will have a big twist at the start.

Hunted will feature contestants receiving a mission to rob a fake bank at the start of the season. Whatever they can take and carry on their backs is their individual prize money if they make it to the end.

Well at least it’s something slightly different but probably only really for the first 1-2 episodes.

Hunted Australia: The Million Dollar Heist.

The ultimate game of cat and mouse is back with a jaw-dropping twist! One million dollars is on the line, and all our fugitives must do is steal the money and run.

Nine pairs of everyday Aussies transform into fugitives overnight. For the first time ever, they will have to pull off a bank robbery, with $1 million up for grabs. Whatever they can steal, they’ll divide amongst themselves and hit the road with their cash haul. If they can evade a crack team of Hunters for 20 days, the money is all theirs.

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