When it’s staged footage and we know they do go back and refill elements to get the angle right I think they could have done the same here. Especially for the footage that gets given to the hunters.

Although maybe the lack of time to do this shows just how rushed and “real” those moments were.

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Herald Sun reports that the Andrews government and Metro Trains have slapped please-explains on production company Endemol Shine for filming various scenes on the Metro network without permission. A Metro spokeswoman said the Hunted production company did not apply for a permit prior to filming.

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so that brings up questions about how would they possibly know where to get film permits for if its after the fact? I mean if it was real the fugitives could run anywhere and if someone doesnt sign a permit or release form what happens?


Winner Stathi Vamvoulidilopoulos is another reality show contestant who has appeared on another television show.

That’s the issue with Hunted though - you have to be willing to ignore a lot of elements that are either contrived, questionable or appear ‘fishy’ in order to enjoy it and that’s something some people (including myself) just couldn’t do.

his fugitive partner also won on it

In the UK version, are the teams allowed to use public transport? Has the production company been given a permit from public transport operators?

Only two teams in season 1 travelled on Metro Trains, so a ban on travelling on trains in metropolitan Melbourne for season 2 shouldn’t affect the teams very much.

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It should simply mean they just can’t film it. There’s so much not broadcast it could be easily left out as long as it wasn’t the scene of a capture. If they really need to show it they can get a permit after and go back to get establishing shots later (eg. showing the train leaving the platform).

However for something like trains they may be able to get a blanket permit for the whole filming period if they ask nicely.


the contest started at Federation Square, literally across the road from the busiest train station in Melbourne. It wouldn’t take Einstein to figure out that contestants may be using (and being filmed using) public transport to get out of the CBD.

Producers could easily have made an application through Metro Trains ahead of production

How many “real fugitives” have camera crews following them for the purpose of a TV show?

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I mean if the show was real and unscripted

I would suggest producers need to consider if they’ll allow contestants to use public transport as part of the show and plan for it accordingly, i.e. fill in the paperwork.

Doesn’t the Victorian government partner with the production? Surely filming access can be sorted out


You wouldn’t need permission or a permit for such filming in a public space in the UK.

camera crews are allowed unfettered access into Underground stations in London?


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They may have gotten a permit for Flinders Street but not for the other places weeks down the line.

well given all services originate at Flinders Street they’d have to be a bit clueless to think people entering Flinders Street would not be exiting at other stations

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Sorry by down the line I meant later on. They might have forgotten to get permits the next week/etc.