Sonny-Joe and Grace was simply unlucky. Had they not been spotted with a camera operator leaving a friend’s car by Team Alpha at Ballarat station, the pair would have been mistaken for any other backpackers.

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This is pretty much the problem of the premise of the whole show, isn’t it? Nobody can really hide if they’re accompanied by a camera operator.

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As they say though if you’re close enough to see the camera you’re close enough to catch the fugitives. It’s a necessary evil.

And if they catch them all it doesn’t necessarily go on for another 10 days.

If they don’t catch them based on the UK version I suspect the last show will pretty much just be the last 24 hours (depends how many are left).

It’s also quite common in the UK version for teams to find themselves split up in the closing stages.


Going by the description in the TV guide for episodes 8 and 9:

With 3 days to go at least 2 teams remain and at least one team makes it to day 21.

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I would rather it be edited like this - if there are only a couple of teams there until the end (and they either get caught really late on or even if they end up winning) then it would be pretty boring to rush multiple captures in the first few episode and then just focus on 2-3 teams the last few episodes with not a lot happening.

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Imagine how much higher Hunted could be rating if the audiences, in particularly Sydney and Brisbane, were at Melbourne levels of high.

I wonder if future seasons could be set nationally to allow the fugitives to move around the entire country? It would be difficult, but you could have teams of hunters located in each state/territory.

Hunted is an unusual show for 10 in that it is one of the network’s rare properties that is popular in regional Australia. Number one show in all key demos last night and helping 10 to number one network in the demos in regional Australia for the second consecutive night - unheard of outside of a special event. Even the Cheap Seats did well to rank 6th in 25-54.


That just isn’t practical. Victoria was chosen with good reason - similar in size to the UK and Italy where the concept has been successful. Any other state would be too large so they’d likely have to add further boundaries to the “gameplay” area, which then becomes even more convoluted.

I suspect the Victoria gov will be keen to support this for another series - it’s promoting regional Victoria in a way other shows (and even the forthcoming Commonwealth Games) really couldn’t. As a Brit it’s certainly showing me a side of Australia I don’t see in other shows - TV basically suggests you live in the big cities or the bush.

On the whole it’s done a good job. They’ve only had one dud episode out of six IMO, which unfortunately put the brakes on the ratings a bit. The last couple of shows really picked up again.

Only thing that doesn’t make sense is why even if a couple are off the Hunters radar that viewers aren’t made more privy to their movements - the “well to do couple” have barely featured which suggests they’re doing quite well, so give us more insight into how they’re doing so well.


What I don’t get about this show is that the hunters turn up to peoples houses and these people let them in and then stand there and get interrogated and are told you must tell the truth. But the hunters are not police and surely these people would tell the ground hunters and the camera people to fuck off.


I suspect there is a “rule” that says that the fugitives can only receive assistance from people who agree to sign a release form/participate in the show.

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Well that’s just shit. I wouldn’t stand for some pretend idiots coming in and yelling at me to tell the truth. So unrealistic.

The whole show is ridiculous - like tonight absolutely no explanation provided for the “lead” the hunters got on Nick/Livinia being on this property that they are searching.

My advice is to just enjoy it rather than thinking about it in too much depth.


Yes I agree. But again… these morons are on peoples private property and now the two huntees are having wine and cheese. Ffs.

The #huntedau on Twitter is hilarious. No one likes the hunters and everyone would tell these idiots to fuck off.

Can relate. These guys are almost like villains even though they’re portraying the fugitives as ‘antagonists’/

How is it fair that they can just freeze their cards? They are given these cards by the show as their only access to money. Whats the point if it can just get frozen?

It’s kind of cheating by the Hunters… lots on Twitter seems to agree. I have accepted most of the rules but this just seems unfair.


So this fugitive team tried to use their ATM card at 5:52pm. Does that mean the Hunters only have 8 mins to find them or can they get further away have to stop where they are?

No idea of the specifics but this same person also told me about Chillout Festival (was where they were in contact with the guys) which was just mentioned. So everything I’ve been told so far for them seems right and is playing out.

At this point it won’t surprise me if the hunters just call the fugitives’ camera man and ask where they are.

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