Home and Away


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I suppose it’s a distraction from the stalkers, cults, murders and hostage dramas that occupy Summer Bay every other week.


But wait… there’s more. There is a cult storyline too where one character has been held hostage, shot and now left to die. :joy:


Can’t we have some earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, cyclones, incest triangles and Alf’s escapades in his sex dungeon instead of those. Would make it much more interesting.


Summer Bay was hit by a cyclone many years ago. When I saw the storyline at the time, I could not believe it as Summer Bay is located on the coast of NSW. Based on the geographic location, there is a remote chance it will be affected by a cyclone.

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Summer Bay is fictional is it not?

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You mean it’s not based on a true story. :open_mouth:


Upcoming storyline sees Alf pitching the idea of changing the town’s name from Summer Bay to Danger Bay. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If they really want to save the place they need to get rid of Channel 7. They just bring disaster with them wherever you go. Look at Mt Thomas - they had a massive crime rate and were in the news weekly but then you never hear about them these days after Channel 7 moved out.


Didn’t Neighbours have a cyclone or something similar in Ramsay Street a few years ago? I remember torrential rain.

“The Erinsborough Tornado” :joy: Yes it was a storm that featured a mini tornado.

Reminds me of disaster-stricken Seattle home of Grey’s Anatomy. Including

Super storm
3 plane crashes
Tunnel collapse
Building collapses
Plus some of the rarest diseases on the planet.

(hope we aren’t giving H and A producers any ideas).


I think they’ve ticked off most of those on their bingo card. :joy:

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911 continuing that trend too :laughing:

You forgot the biggest repeated dramatic storyline, 3 new shirtless brothers every 3 years!


A running gag in my family used to be, when the storylines have been lagging or ratings dipping… Neighbours / Home and Away ‘should set off a bomb’ (literally) :joy: …Only the latter has actually been rating really well in 2023 with a few solid storylines!

All soapies have these dodgy storylines every year in order to have a new set built. I think they all have a “set designer” on the payroll. They’re there to build sets. Hence why we have a school fire and a pub fire every few years in order to redo the pub and the school scenes. And every 10 years during any soapie revamp, is when the big storm/earthquake/bomb etc to redo more than one set.

Vut it’s not actually a joke because those sorts os storylines are exactly the sort of thing soapie producers do when ratings dip.

Regarding “Only the latter has actually been rating really well in 2023”. Do you think that might be because the Neighbours has not actually been on the air in 2023? :joy:

Does H&A even use the school set anymore?


Number 96 literally blew up its set when ratings started to tank. It’s the oldest trick in the book.

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