Hit Network

Carrie & Tommy off until Monday.

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On a break already?, they only returned 3 days ago!

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I would guess Carrie may be taking a break after announcing her separation with her (ex) husband.


Maybe she’s cutting back like she did on The Project and only doing four days a week. :wink:

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I mean does the whole show have to go on break? That being said, not sure Tommy could carry the whole thing solo.

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Anyone listening to Mike E & Emma across the Hit Network tonight?

Are they actually live and are they taking calls on 13 10 60?

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I haven’t heard too much of it, but don’t think it’s live. They’re trying, but it has the slightly scripted and static feel of voice tracking.
They’re using the 1300 161 006 phone number which is the general RNB Fridays station voicemail.

They’re also ID’ing as “RNB Friday’s Radio with Mike E and Emma” - no mention of the hit network or live. Surely if they were really live they’d be saying something like “live across the country on the hit network”.


2DayFM did just had a local ID, but with the mention of RnB Fridays Radio in the beginning of the ID though - kinda lazy that they didn’t record a new ID like “RnB Friday Nights with Mike E and Emma on 2DayFM” or “Keeping RnB Fridays alive at nights on Mix94.5 with Mike E and Emma”

I reckon it’s a highlights reel, if anything - cheap content to make…


Yeah, I had a brief listen and agree - it sounds like highlights/pre-recorded content.

I can’t imagine Mike E & Emma doing breakfast and on again at Nights.


Kate has been great this week on Hughesy, Ed and Erin. Been a very enjoyable week so far. I hope they can find a way to keep her.


I agree, I had actually stopped listening to Hughesy, Ed and Erin. But this week with Kate has been brilliant. Kate paired with Hughesy is a perfect combination. While it’s for a devastatingly sad reason that Erin has had to have time off, it’s painfully obvious that Hit should do whatever it can to reunite Hughesy and Kate permanently.


It seems like Radio 101 here.


Hughesy, Kate & Ed have chemistry.

That’s what wins ratings.

I’d be making changes at 2Day. I’d keep Erin for news only.


After almost a decade of the “spiers” being in disbelief at how the 2DayFM breakfast show sounded, we seem to have a new taken on a new view.

I agree about Hughesy and Kate being a good listen; it’s less forced fun and more connection with listeners. I like spending my journey to work with these two.

I hope the management of 2DayFM can hear this as well. If they can pick up on the bonafide sound of two friends having fun on air, they should meet via Zoom at 9am this morning. This may be a once in a decade opportunity.

A breakfast team / duo that having genuine fun with each other? It’s a simple formula but it’s so hard to find. 2Day now has a chance for tomorrow.


PLUS given Hughesy & Kate’s age, I think it’ll be a better fit “For A Better Today”.


It’s not about the age. It’s the experience and quality of the presenter.


Sometimes it does. The presenters have to relate and connect to the audience


As of the start of the year, highlights of the previous day’s show are now being played at 3pm with Carrie and Tommy live 4-6.


That’s pathetic.


I reckon they should give the 3PM hour back to local presentation


Is the only reasonable explanation is that C&T are only contracted to two live on-air hours?