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Dave Hughes has told the Sunday Herald Sun that he will fly to Kate Langbroek’s home in Italy in June to present the drive show for two weeks.


Tough gig, Hughesy.


Taking bets now that it’s the last two weeks of June/I.e. the last two weeks before the mid year radio survey break…

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Fifi, Fev and Byron’s newsreader Nikki Markovics left the show on Friday after 4 years to pursue new media projects. James Lake has since replaced her.


Thanks, love to be updated on movements.

Where is she going to?

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And here I was thinking what a great ad that was and how innovative 2 Day were. :joy:


Yvie Jones filled in for Fifi Box on Fox FM breakfast this morning. Fifi will be back next Monday.



Former Goggleboxer, contestant on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here 2019 and occasional Studio 10 panellist.

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Thanks, explains it. A reality nobody.

Not the first. Chrissie Swan, Fitzy, Sam Frost, Matty J etc.

Interesting collaboration between Hit Network and The Project.

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Indeed. But what program does 9 have that would be a fit? They were all killed off in the 80’s and 90’s when it was deemed live studio production costs were too high.

Hit105‘s Breakfast show Stav, Abby & Matt welcomes two new senior producers today.

Content director Matt Eggleston today announced that Siobhain McDonnell & Toni Kipa are joining the team.

They replace Abi Benaud who moves to 2DayFM Brekky and Kaz Simpson who is taking some time away from radio.

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Forgive me for asking what could be a stupid question but I just tuned into Fox FM for the first time in ages. Is them doing the A-Z of hits and old school a normal thing?

Carrie and Tommy are on holidays with “the best bits” being aired.

I’d rather they just played music instead of best bits.


How many weeks had Carrie & Tommy been back for ?

Since February 25th.

Hughesy & Kate are also on holidays.

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