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Fox are doing local bushfire updates today


Mardi Gras night in Sydney and I have just arrrived at a party in Surry Hills. The music is being supplied by 2GayFM. It’s Sydney, it’s live and it’s fun!


More Petshop Boys please 2Gay FM!


All credit to 2Gay FM and I don’t want to take anything away from what they’re doing…

Just some more LGBTIQA tracks would be a nice touch… (and not just the usual ‘safe’ mainstream straight ‘party’ stuff).


So good to see 2Day finally getting something back… but isn’t KIIS an official partner?? They even have a float.


KIIS 1065 is still one of the official media partners http://www.mardigras.org.au/partners


Any shows taking the week off this week?


Hughesy & Kate.


Not sure if this is a network thing, but to celebrate International Women’s Day, Hit 107 are playing Women’s only RNB songs all day.


Why only RnB? Do they still do RnB Fridays?


Only RNB because it’s RNB Fridays.


Hit 105 were the same today ,only playing R’N’B songs from female artists,Beyonce,Destiny’s Child,JLO, to name a few


It was right across the network, even the regional hits were on the same music log.
Sea Fm was running about one song behind 2day fm for most of the day yesterday.


Old School House Party starts at 9, it has for a while now


What’s weird is it starts at 7pm on i98.
It is made out to be live. it has to be prerecorded and the song requests that they prompt for must be included in the following weeks show. I have also noticed when playing on Sea Fm and 2Day Fm. 2Day fm is one or two songs behind Sea fm. Which again proves it is prerecorded.


It’s pre-recorded in/voicetracked from Perth (where Tim Lee is one of the daytime jocks) during the week - I believe on a Friday


Great, so if I call up to request a song, I have to wait a whole week for it to be played!


That would be the case, gone are the days of live Saturday night party shows, except House Party on Triple J.


I don’t think Sat night party shows have been live for at least 10-15 years…


I remember Party hard use to be live across the then Austereo network 20 + Years ago. It was hosted by Jason Sole aka the Soleman, who is now the casual Weekend announcer on Nova 96.9.