Hit Network

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where do the national shows come from? i think collective noun is from brisbane, but i assume the rest are from sydney or melbourne


Everything else is Melbourne except I think those two girls and possibly Danny Lakey might be Sydney?


Those Two Girls comes from Brisbane also, along with Collective Noun.

Ash London Live & Danny Lakey are Sydney.

Carry & Tommy and Hughesy & Kate are both Melbourne.


No regional Summer Breakfast this January? Last year was good with Gawndy and Tanya.


Tiffany Hall and Cass Dunn doing Weekend Breakfast this weekend on Sea FM at least.


I thought Ash London Live moved to Melbourne earlier this year as Ash got married to Fox Fm’s content director Adrian Brine


Yes, Ash and a producer were in Melbourne, with the rest of the team still in Sydney.


Hit network male talent beyond the black t-shirts look like they all have been dressed by Gazman.


Yes all the regionals getting that 7-9am, As I understand it’s just music for all the metros?


Argh, every time Sea FM try and go to the news they start the bloody Crappy to Happy show. The news music is even playing over the top of the show but it’s the show playing instead. Very annoying.


Nope. Apologies for the late reply.


Last ‘Hit Nights with Keegs’ tonight.


Fox counting down the Top 100 songs for the year as voted by the listeners today. Started at 10am, currently at 48. Are other stations having their own countdowns?


Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth are


Looking at their playlist via RadioApp, 2Day in Sydney are not doing the Top 100 songs of the year, instead continuing with their “More Music, More Variety” mix.


Or perhaps the same countdown since SCA don’t value a MD in every market for each station.


Apparently Keegs was being a bit mischievous last week when he said it was the last night. He clearly meant “of the year” as the show is back on air tonight.



I’m not sure if this is normal or anything but 2Day FM are playing more of a “Hit Music” playlist right now (after the networked show ended at 10pm) as opposed to More Music, More Variety. Is this normal? Do they have a different music format at night?

Further to this, they are even just saying “Sydney’s 2Day FM”. No mention of More Music, More Variety.


Every Hit station across the country play Non-Stop Aussie Hits 10pm-12am, yes it is normal and I would expect no mention of More Music More Variety. I don’t really listen to it because the Hit Regional Version is so bad.


I never knew this. Thank you.