Hit Network

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No probs. Yes 2Day FM’s version is a lot newer than the Hit Regional Version looking at Radio App.


I wish 2Day FM would go back to “Sydney’s Hit Music Station” or even “Hits and Old Skool”. I thought I liked “More Music, More Variety” but the shows and presenters don’t match the format. It just doesn’t work.

MC is an extremely talented presenter but in my opinion he struggles with this format.


I have to agree, since Nova’s gone old and KIIS was already skewing older than a normal CHR. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t, and do a solo music shift 6-9 in breakfast because we all know a show doesn’t work. It’s what they know best Hit Music…


They should in all honesty try Fox’s format because I certainly miss it on 2Day FM. It’s (the current format) just not them.

It’s also messy how suddenly at 3pm the whole format changes because the rest of the day is networked.

And don’t even get me started on RnB Friday’s. So very out of place on 2Day FM.


Couldn’t agree more, this is sorta how I see it in terms of music format.

2Day FM: Hit Music (Doesn’t need to be anything silly just simply play the hits on a 4 hour rotation and instead of ‘Old School’, they should play underplayed hit songs from 2014/15/16).

The Fox: Melbourne’s Hit Music Station (Basically what they are know without the ‘Number 1’ mainly because it’s too much of a mouthful for announcers to say. Keep ‘The Old School 9 at 9’ and the ‘Hit of Old School before 3’. But a lot less ‘Old School’ throughout the day and minimal reference to it).

Hit105: Hits and Old School (the only place I think the format means something, basically the same music they have know, with their newer hits that normally get played at night and more successive Old School plays, for example I like how they play 3 old school songs in a row. Just gets the ‘Old School’ out of the way quicker so more Hits can be played without interruption).

Hit107: More Music More Variety (Really I don’t know about this one?? They have a new breakfast show that matches the format. So see how it rates I guess before saying they should go back to Hit Music).

Hit929: Fresh Hits First (No more old school, just the fresh hits first because too much of their old school crosses over with their own station- Mix94.5. It should just play New Hits- Perth’s that sort of city really).

Hit/Sea FM Regional: Fresh Hits/ Hit Music (Hits and Old School is just so run down, so if they can’t afford local MD in the major regional markets, well I’d rather a networked Hit Music format full of newer or fresher hits, in a less repetitive manner to what they are played now. Then a stupid playlist called Hits and Old School with one Hit always being followed by a rock hit from the 90s/00s… It just makes sense for Hit Music to be the format, I don’t know how playing ‘Old School Rock’ works on a Hit Music Station anywhere? Yet on the Gold Coast?).

Anyway in a perfect radio world it might happen. What do we think?


I have nothing new to contribute as I agree with you completely. It’s the “Hit Network”. These formats don’t work.


I agree 100% with the comments above.


I’m quite a big fan of Sea FM though. I can receive it really well from where I am. It’s a much better music selection and presenter line up compared to 2Day FM (give or take a few presenters).

Gawndy is an absolute talent and the breakfast show with Ash Pollard is quite good. And of course, the rest of the day with Gia and Nic and then the drive shows too. But it’s the playlist that keeps me tuned most of time. Perfect mix of brand new songs, which I find are playing on Sea FM sometimes weeks before KIIS and Nova.


Hits & Old Skool 1000 starts Saturday at 9am on Sea FM. (All regionals I’m assuming)


Heard country superstar Maren Morris on 2Day around 7.55 this morning - great stuff. Wonderful artist.


Is the regional Aussie quota filler still programmed out of the Gold Coast? That was always forgettable radio.

Couldn’t you find new music much quicker and at a time that suits you via the internet?


Is that a countdown of the best old school songs of all time?


I believe so. I’m not entirely sure. They aren’t anymore specific than that.

Does anyone switch off on Friday’s? I really don’t like RnB Friday’s. Fads over guys!


it’s truly not. They have nearly 6 times the engagement on Fridays than on any other day of the week.


Yep, I switched off RnB Friday’s well over 2 years ago, it’s boring.


I’m the same. Every Friday after Breakfast, I switch over.


It’s the same few RnB songs that mainstream Australians in the suburbs will listen to on a loop, no variety, always the same.


That’s true, but it’s not the same listeners. Many usually listeners tune out on Friday, with others tuning in on Friday’s specifically for the RnB. It gives good numbers to take to clients, but isn’t all that helpful in building long term listening habits.


Podcast One’s “Crappy to Happy” is being played for Weekend Breakfast again today.

Why are the regionals persisting with this shit?

It’s not even relevant. It’s more a Sunday afternoon 2GB lifestyle program. Does not fit in with the hit music station format at all.


I dare say it would be because cross promoting and what is essentially “Free” content, is probably cheaper and may do better for SCA than using talent. That and the denizens of Coolangatta need some reason to get out of bed before lunchtime.

That sort of tripe really should be nowhere near a modern CHR, and should have been on Talking Lifestyle in it’s heyday. May have at least rated more than an asterisk!