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Will Ash London Live actually be live?


I give Ash 12 months on either show. She’s a talented operator, but that workload is going to hurt


But 2Day FM don’t have regular ‘breakfast’ presenters. :joy:


No MC next year?


It’s live in Sydney and Melbourne, you can see on their instagram

Where did you get that from?


I would think it would just be speculation based on it not being mentioned in the press release above.


They’ve been live all year


Sorry, I’m referring to no MC being mentioned.

Re being live, hasn’t it been for some months that Ash’s show hasn’t been on air and Danny Lakey was brought forward to fill in? Obviously that has been live.

I think it would be hard to say if Ash’s night show will be live next year though given her breakfast commitments also.


Oh yes sorry I only just read the radiotoday article, is a bit odd?


Yeah looks like a wait and see


I expect it will be. Ash is a hard worker and SCA have a strong aversion to pre-recorded content on their metro stations. The 8pm finish time is likely to cater for the early bed times.

Definitely - that’s a workload that’s going to suck.
She’s also been spending a lot of time in Sydney lately for 2Day FM breakfast, which is going to have a limited life given that she lives in Melbourne with her husband and they have a business in Melbourne.

He’s anchor of the 2Day breakfast show.

All up that’s a pretty solid lineup - almost no changes from this year’s lineup.


Thanks for clarifying that up. So Jaben and MC are swapping roles, makes sense as MC has anchored 2Day Breakfast before


I couldn’t imagine it would be, even if they pretend it is.

If she’s doing both shows live, at least one will suffer - nights would still suffer somewhat from being pre recorded but nowhere near as much as it would from the burnout that would happen from doing two live shows at opposite ends of the day.

If she is doing both live, then I can only imagine the extent of the pay increase…


The Lineup as per the SCA socials:


Maybe Ash will do the nights show from home on a line?


Man I wish Hit would update their style guide, the solid black / green / pink and ordinary looking font is so cheap and garish. They can and have done better!


Even though it’ll probably remain in use for some time to come, I agree that the current Hit Network branding is really starting to show its age heading into a 4th/5th year.


Anyone else think it’s a really messy schedule?

I mean the start times.

4:30. 6:30. 8pm. 11pm.

Like Nova is 4, 6 and 7pm. Nice and clean.

I dunno haha just my OCD.


You would compare it to your own company

Hey at least they do something like this to clarify shows for next year, do I see other radio networks doing that…NO!


What? I don’t work for Nova. How embarrassing.


Yeah you say that but…