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KIIS Today 13:30 Kesha- This Is Me


KIIS seems to play Kesha, while Nova play the original (and better version). Not sure about HIT network.


Yes. Bloody spell check strikes again.

I can’t remember who started the criticism but it was around the time the movie and soundtrack were released. Radio stations were playing the Kesha cover version instead of the original.

The original was preferred by listeners and selling more and smashing the charts though. Those radio stations were criticised for not supporting a new artist and some took a stance on the issue. Nova pledged to play the original from that point.




No more Aaron Rich Weekend Switch or whatever it was called then?


Flick the Switch with Aaron Rich?


Has anyone been listening to Ash, Grant and Ed? Is it any better without Em?

Listening to a bit of the podcast it appears they’ve added another guy to the show.

Wait. Is it Jaben?


Not really mate but I have noticed that Giggling Ben(Wasley) has gone out the door with Rusciano and yes it does appear Jaben is the anchor now. No real proof or anything suggesting why Ed wasn’t good enough but you can tell that the show does flow a bit better with Jaben in there to anchor.


Who has taken Jaben’s arvos gig?


Ellie Angel


I noticed SCA are improving there streams for people streaming online (Woo for no more crappy 32kbps AAC):

HD 128 Streams:
Hit 100.9 Hobart - https://wz5web.scahw.com.au/live/7ttt_128.stream/chunklist_w1182877760.m3u8
Triple M Hobart - https://wz5web.scahw.com.au/live/7xxx_128.stream/chunklist_w1182877760.m3u8

To get your local SCA station in HD just replace the station callsign with you own for eg 2day or 3fox


will be across the network very soon, Hobart was the test city


I’ve been listening to the digital Urban Hits station for a little while now on the iOS hit network app, the playlist was fairly repetitive sometimes but I enjoyed the mix of music.

Until recently (last few weeks or so) the stream was completely ad free and just played station promos for RnB Fridays live etc however now it just plays Sydney ads.

For example I just heard one voiced by Lee Lin Chin for some Sydney train track closures :smirk:


I tried Urban Hits for a while but ended up just going back to The Edge


Hopefully these new high bitrate streams are for both WiFi and mobile users.

And hoping other radio stations do the same, in particular ARN stations.


These streams have actually existed for a while on these URL’s at least since they split the DAB+ signals out per capital city, and at least a year before that on a different URL. (at least for the metro stations and DAB+ stations)

The iOS apps and RadioApp use these streams when on Wi-Fi.

Probably not, unfortunately. They should really put an option in to allow users to pick what bitrate they want.

The quality of the ARN streams is atrocious.


Weekend breakfast with Tanya Hennessy and Angus O’Loughlin.


Didn’t sound that great, i mean the chemistry wasn’t there… Much better with Lakey


Really? I thought it sounded like they’d been friends for years.

Surprised they didn’t keep Lakey on late nights/weekend and move Angus back to evenings.