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If they continue to slip, then maybe.


Hard when Kyle is 47 and Jackie is 43, and to your other point about the Sydney market, just thank god for The Edge that’s what I’m doing


Yes the Edge can run their own race as they are not included in the analouge Sydney ratings. However They did go down a fraction in the last digital only ratings.


I am against the trend of rising use of overseas production staff for imaging.

Australia has some of the world’s leading production people, we can do it on shore and for most networks, in house.

It’s an affront to so many working within networks.


You’re right, and in fact there’s not a single example of two radio stations in the country having the same name as it would be too confusing to have the same station name in completely separate markets… :thinking:

I dunno, I wouldn’t say their content is ‘old’ though - that is to mean Fitzy & Wippa brand themselves as a certain age, just as Hughesy & Kate do by talking about things that go with being that age - having kids, dealing with kids as an example
Kyle & Jackie O from what I can tell don’t really do that - it’s more a young(er) night show in the morning - innuendo, swearing, smut… Kyle talking about how rich he is…
That’s not to say they’re young-sounding, just that personally I think they have more chance of connecting with a younger audience than a show that goes on about what their six year old did the other day.

I don’t know that it’s staff per se - more like services. I’d suggest there’s so much going on day-to-day that it’s probably more economical to outsource an entire jingle package than it is to assemble it entirely in house.

That said, I’m pretty sure examples like some of the ex Hits n Old School jingle imaging, possibly Hitcoin and other show specific jingles have been produced completely in-house.

On Nova, I’m fairly certain all the Kate Tim & Marty TGIM jingle branding is in-house


Most imaging is done in house still - particularly for shows and promotions.


Specifically for jingle packages I mean



Why do they credit that as a Kesha song when the original is by Keala Settle and that’s the version radio plays?


I’ve heard the Kesha version on the radio more often then the original.


Really? Do Hit play the Kesha version? Nova and KIIS seem to play the original.


I’m yet to hear the Keala version anywhere… every station I listen to plays Kesha.


Keala Settle version

Kesha version


Are you sure it’s not the Keala Settle version?

Nova 96.9 played it three times yesterday:
01:44 Keala Settle - This is me
05:10 Keala Settle - This is me
15:45 Keala Settle - This is me


no, Kesha. I live between Taree and Port Macquarie so I have Caralis and SCA stations in the vicinity and I’ve only ever heard Kesha.


You’re the only one here who listens to Nova… Why do you expect everyone else to???


Quite a generalisation.

I listen to more than one radio station so I think I’m better qualified to comment on what’s happening across the board.

I had a look at the playlists for 2Day, KIIS and Nova. It just happens that Nova is the only one still playing the song on high rotation. That’s the proof and why I mentioned it. I’m pretty sure i have heard that version on the other two.

It looks like the Kesha version is being played elsewhere.

Why are you trolling?


The only version I’ve heard on KIIS is the Kesha one. Nova certainly play the original. Not really sure why tbh. Interestingly, at first release Nova played the Kesha version and then switched to the original.


They were criticised for playing the Kesha version especially when the original version was charting so they switched to playing that.


You mean the Kesha version? Who criticised them?