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Angus’ presenting style isn’t the best, Lakey’s is much better IMO


It’s now “official”. Seems like a waste of two excellent presenters.


They’ll be on 2day FM breakfast 2019 no doubt


Won’t work until they bring back the Hit Music format. The playlist at the moment won’t work with these two.


They always tested teams on weekends or non ratings weeks in the past.


Tanya could slot into Grant & Ed couldn’t she? Ash back to nights. Angus solo weekends.


We’ll just have to wait and see what happens but here’s what I think 2DayFM will most likely do.

The current music format? I think that will be kept in 2019. From what I can tell, 2DayFM actually went up in the ratings last time. If 2Day can crack the 5% mark in Survey #7 and/or #8 and keep the momentum going over Summer with some decent promotional stuff around town, that will most likely prove that SCA has the right formula (albeit, not quite big enough to challenge the ARN or Nova stations just yet) for the Sydney market which has the potential to become a grower, particularly when the popular Sydney breakfast show presenters on KIIS & WSFM call it a day.

The breakfast program? I’d be willing to predict Grant Denyer might still be on 2DayFM breakfast in 2019 but not Ed Kavalee. Production might move back to Sydney, particularly if Hit Weekend Breakfast is produced here but also because it’s most likely easier for Grant to travel between Sydney & Bathurst than Melbourne & Bathurst.


That’s what I thought they should have done originally rather than taking Ash off nights and bringing Danny forward, would’ve flowed better but that’s based on Tanya wanting the role or willing to fill in until a permenant was fLund.

As for Angus, he could’ve been on weekends either alone or paired with someone (maybe a up and coming female announcer) and been a fill in on Sydney / Melbourne stations as needed along with other network projects.


I really hate those “Wake Up Shake Up” medley things, so I started listening to Triple M (Mix 106.3 in my case). They are better stations in my opinion.

(sorry for reposting, i need to wait until this topic gets out of hand)


Does that now confirm Ash is staying on 2Day FM breakfast and Danny on nights?


How does that article, or the new of Angus joining weekend breakfast confirm those changes?


Considering the fact that they made an ‘official announcement’ for Weekend Breakfast one would put two and two together…


But what does Weekend Breakfast have to do with Ash London? She’s never been host of that.


Danny Lakey taking over from Ash London Live and being replaced on Weekend Breakfast.


Could Danny not just go back to the midnight to 5am shift?


I agree. 6 days a week is a bit much.


Last Carrie and Tommy show for the year tomorrow


Best Bits for the rest of survey or until Hughesy and Kate finish. Just thought I’d plug this interesting article from Mumbrella, covers a lot really…


Is this due to Carrie’s baby?


Carrie is on maternity leave.